Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She is out there. . .

It is said that the universe was born of desire according to the creation mythology of my tradition. God Herself resides out there. It makes sense to me that this is true. I see that love and desire reflected down here; as above, so below. It is reflected in the wildly random hugs that my toddler issues with abandon for dignity. I see it in my husband's eyes as he leans in to kiss me. I see it in my parent's faces when we greet after not seeing each other in a long time. It is present in my Oath Mother's voice when she realizes that I am struggling to keep my temper in check during a difficult discussion.

There is a longing as I cast my eyes to the night sky. I am never really sure what I am looking for as I gaze upward, but I feel a pull. I used to think that it was nothing more than the imprint of my Father's passion for space exploration and colonization. As I grew in maturity I came to realize that that look on his face was the same one I wear. I think we come from different perspectives on this issue, but there are many things we tend to agree on and the most important one is: we must get off the planet.

There are many reasons we must leave here including for the preservation of planet and all life forms here. Of all of the life forms on this planet we alone have the ability to prevent complete obliteration. The mantra: reuse, recycle, conserve, will become life and creed by necessity on a space colony or even a Mars habitat instead of a moral imperative. While I agree that it is unwise to put all of our eggs in one basket and that the causes of freedom are at stake, there is another reason to go. Desire.

I don't remember which astronaut it was, I believe it was one of the Apollo men, but he expressed that it was a very spiritual experience looking back at the earth. He said he felt protective and awed in the same heartbeat. It is hard for me to think that only one astronaut experienced this impulse while looking at our home planet. If ever I get the opportunity to speak to one of them, I only have about a billion questions on this subject. The poor victim may run screaming, but if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Divinity lived in the vast oceans of space, wouldn't you want to draw closer? I know I do and it is my private heartbreak to know that I will never float amongst Her star dressed hair. My children might, my grandchildren may get to live there and, secretly, I hope that they feel the pull as I do.

She, God Herself, is out there. . .

Star Goddess, Mother of us all
Breathe on the star where you have written my name.
Divine hand of providence, source of all things
I pray you, bless me and mine with your grace.
Ho o'pono pono

~Nalaya Oddly~

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