Friday, August 17, 2012

Slightly off kilter post migraine post

I have to warn you that I had a migraine that dropped me on my head yesterday. While I feel okay today, I am going through the normal "scattered file syndrome" so this posting may be complete and utter random madness.

I have been spending some time looking at how my Ancestor work has been progressing since I began looking into my paternal Grandfather's birth culture. Ms. Graveyard Dirt threw down a gauntlet last year ( love ya sweets.) I thought that it was a most worthy challenge and I was in the right space and frame of mind to go there. There have been many occurrences that I have written down in a journal, but for every one there is written, I can point to several others that I have not. I think that, this year, Samhain will be very interesting and very personal. My only suggestion to anyone who is looking to do ancestor work is to be sure you are ready to see the proof of your work. Speaking of work, you will only get out of the work what you put in.

I think from now on, one of the things I am going to have to do is start the Sugar Plum Faery Vodka at Samhain so it will be good and ready come time for Yule Feasting. Sort of a Witching Hour with Grandpa type thing. 

( Thank you Ms. Dirty: I'm keeping the gauntlet.)

Speaking of my roots, Russian Justice Dept. . . really two years for a 30 second song??? Admittedly, I have never heard Pussy Cat Riot or anything of their work. I have not heard the song that got them the evil eye of the Russian Justice system. Frankly, I don't give a damn about what that song was saying at this point. It's the idea that these people were told to shut up or we are going to do horrible things to you. Really Russia, are you so far gone in your panic of losing power that you have to imprison people for 30 seconds of saying exactly what is on their minds?

Ugh!!! New Cup!

My library is quickly becoming the place where magic starts. It is a cross between ancestors and knowledge in there and it also a place where all the clocks stop working. Literally, time has stopped in that room and it is an interesting thing to notice while you are doing the work or steeped in a story.

It's been a little over a year since we bought this house. I knew it would be a good fit when we put in a bid on it and I am glad to know that part of my intuition is alive and humming along just fine. There are still things we need to get around to doing, like pulling out old nails to things we aren't going to hang, sealing up the screw holes and touching up the paint job or just flat out repainting. The back yard is starting to look like it may actually be growing grass. All that little bit at a time weeding I did last summer has paid off in spades. There is not a sow weed to be found in the grass, nor is there any of that thorn sticker plant. I may have to resort to stealing my sow weed when my root supply runs out. I can just hear the neighbors now: "Honey, that crazy lady in the straw hat is back. . . it looks like she picking more weeds."

It is that time of year when I start to pull together all my Samhain recipes for various things. I still have to get off my behind and pick up some supplies and list my new items in my shoppe. Most of what is going in to the shop is a direct result of my personal workings and the Guardian work I have been doing this last summer. It's not quite done. Sometimes these things manage to drag themselves out to meet a specific time line. Sort of like that bus going around the corner once, missing your stop to avoid a piece of misfortune should you have been able to get off the bus at your anticipated time. The Universe has it's own weird little tick tocks and time pauses that, in no way, do I claim to understand. I just take note, smile, and nod.

New cup!!!


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