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Early this week frustration with not finding what we are expecting to find or looking for within abounds. It could even be a possibility that your efforts to look within have been sabotaged by being too physically tired, constantly interrupted or your expectations themselves have created blocks to seeing what is really there. In terms of healing there could be expectations of healing faster than you are and you are beginning to feel antsy because things are not progressing as quickly as you had hoped. Breathe. These things take time to develop. As much as we hate to admit it, there are things that move slowly. . . you know like molasses in the winter, and will not be hurried to suit our personal agendas and time tables.

The middle of the week brings an aha moment! There right in front of you is that secret ingredient that makes the whole cake rise to a perfect spongy confection and it is in your reach. It may have been there the whole time, one of those over looked things in the cabinet perhaps? Maybe even a word lightly given my another that lights your bulb up to shine light. Spirit is funny that way, it never works the way we expect, but it does work. What ever it is that has been eluding and vexing you will make it's mysterious appearance and solutions will present themselves.

At the end of this week the possibilities abound. You will see that creative spark take hold of you and that thing that you have been holding off on doing will begin to take flight in you mind. You will find it easy to begin manifesting what has been sitting in your mind's eye and shape will begin to come about. Following that creative spark will not only be satisfying, it will lead to other opportunities and further possibilities. You will have the courage to walk the path you have been inspired to walk and a new confidence will fill you.


In the beginning of the week the knight of pentacles says yes, go ahead with the plans you have been brewing in your cauldron. Be certain that every detail is attended to, be cautious with the moving forward and pick every step with a certainty that you understand what you are stepping upon. Be ready to have to switch your plans so have a back up so that moving around, over and through obstacles doesn't not halt the process. Be dedicated to what you have started and complete it.

The middle of the week new things do indeed crop up and give you pause, but it should be fine as long as you do not become cocky or become a daredevil, if you have taken the time in the beginning of the week you should already have some ideas on how to adjust your plans, just be certain to understand this new thing in fine detail so it can be implemented like water flowing over a stone.

At the end of the week the Star brings great hope. Guidance is coming and you are regaining momentum and it motivates you further toward your goal. Peace of mind will be restored as you see real progress in your endeavors. Savor the moment and don't hold back. Your belief in yourself and your work brings faith in the future.


The beginning of the week begs you to go inward and listen to that deep inner wisdom. It is a time for time alone and respite from extraneous conversation. The situation you are in can only be solved by listening to that inner voice that belongs to only you and nothing else will do. There will be many clamoring external voices saying what ought be done, but that answer is within you and no one can lead you to it.

The middle of the week you will know what needs to be done and it will require that you break free of self imposed limits and boundaries, or even boundaries set upon you by others. Let go of your ideas that everything needs to be controlled and conformed. . . the universe is not nearly as balanced as some would like you to believe. Stop trying to impose structure on a thing that is is formless and flowing. Stop setting rules and limitations.

At the end of the week you will realize that yes, the worst has happened and there is nothing left to do but pick up the pieces. The great thing about the worst being over is that you can take stock of the pieces that are left and decide what needs doing from there. You can decide what pieces get kept and which get chucked out the window. It will be time to sort these pieces and start building a new foundation for a new way of things that has a firmer ground. You may feel like you have been put upon, but the important thing to keep in mind is that you are not a victim; you are a survivor and you are moving forward.


This week starts off cold and aloof. You may even need to be certain that you don't come off that way as everyone is going to be a bit sensitive. You may encounter sharp, wicked wagging tongues and overbearing arrogance. The beginning of this week would be a great time to practice keeping your head cool and your words well chosen. Be logical without being barbed and don't forget to temper your sense of justice with mercy. Everyone is a bit wobbly right now.

In the middle of the week is a great time for study and looking beneath the surface of the situations that have cropped up. It's certainly not what it looks like on the surface and certainly not what you have been told it is. You may want to keep that information under your hat, but definitely dig up the root of the situation. Balance the study with active practice of what you learned, quietly of course, but knowledge applied creates wisdom.

At the end of the week quietly tying up loose ends will benefit you and taking time to be introspective will bring unexpected rewards. Things around us have been anything but silent. As the world screams at us for its attention, we can only make sense of it if we take the time to step back and take a look at the big picture. The world may even claw at you to keep you from doing this. Withdrawing is going to take some conscious effort on your part to close the door and find that silence within you will need.

Blessings and take care of yourselves.


The week starts off with an attitude of I got this one, we charge ahead, possibly even remembering that our friend Mercury is dancing his backwards dance, but we charge ahead any way without any doubt of our self assuredness. Whatever the challenge is, this knight is ready to rise up and meet it with all of the fiery passion that comes with this knight. This can do attitude creates a glamour of sorts, nothing like a person who exudes confidence to create excitement to boldly go forward. As long as all the writing on the wall is read and understood this is not a bad quality however, you will need to pay extra careful attention to the fine print because it is probably in a deceptive riddle meant to entrap you into behaving or speaking in a manner too bold. . . Mercury is going backward remember?

In the middle of the week the Queen shows her sword. In usual bearing she is one to keep it by her side in a casually hidden sort of smile manner, but here she is harsh and unforgiving in her discernment. She will take seriously that bold statement and will not hesitate to act upon it. She is the woman who has had it with the lies and deceptions; she has seen this circus before and her patience is gone. Listen carefully to her words. She may have a great sense of humor even as she is drawing her sword, but there is a ring of steel present. She will not going to act with pretension so what she says. . . she means. Unpleasant truths will come forward, but it would be easier on you if you accept and face them instead of trying trickery and smooth talking here. She will have far more respect for you.

The end of the week brings a calming effect, or so it seems. The thing that comes to mind most presently is the eye of a hurricane. Those are pretty calm, as long as you are in it. Compromises will be made and new understandings reached. All that is needed will  be gathered and appropriately distributed to achieve the equilibrium the Queen of swords is requiring. Even as the Mercury retrograde comes boldly forward the energy will simmer into a nice alchemy of cautious right action and centered healing. Make Mercury work for you. . . dancing backward is just as hard as roller skating backward at first, but with practice. . . we can become experts at it.


This week begins the need to assess the situation and make decisions about our current direction. It is very possible that through the hail and storm and pounding winds we have missed the point and were operating on false information or maybe have misinterpreted what we heard and saw. This may lead us to feel a bit lost in the woods and possibly judge ourselves harshly. The thing that we must keep in mind is that judgments are necessary part of making decisions and choosing directions, it does not determine our worth, our actions do.

In the middle of the week we see that things are still introspective, there seems to be a flood of too much to do and we may find ourselves in a position of having over committed ourselves. Usually our ability to define how much we can do at any given point in time is quite refined however, things may get slogged by circumstance, bad timing, having to restart a project from scratch and all of that leads to frustration and set backs. It may come to a point where you will have to decide which endeavor will have to go onto the back burner for the time being will the mess gets cleared up.

At the end of the week don't be surprised when you feel dragged out and hauled under. It's been a rough current and it's bound to have a draining effect. Take time to look within and seek your center. Take extra care of yourself and remember it's okay to put things on the back burner for a little bit to focus on what needs to be done right here and now.

*heads up: Mercury retrograde from June 7th- July 2nd*


Yes. . . everything is upside down this week. I think that was sort of the largest point of the energies of this coming week. We are indeed trying to look for a solution that will have a lasting and positive impact and creating a solid foundation, but we are being told that the way we are doing it is all sorts of misguided. We are doing the things we think will help over and over again and it is not working. Okay new cup! It's time to go against convention and do things differently if we expect get different results. Continuing our known patterns will only get us to places we already know we don't want to be. Pull away from the picture to see what patterns you are repeating in your cycles and leading you in self entrapping circles.

In the middle of the week things will come to a point. The point being if the individual in a team is not whole, the the team is broken. It is time to take a good hard look in the mirror and decide what kind of individual you are instead of what role you play in a team. A team cannot function with broken pieces. There may be no 'I' in team but, there sure is in 'unit.'

At the end of the week, we are being encouraged to keep the introspective attitude. This is not about being selfish or antisocial, it is about letting raw nerves heal and both for yourself and those around you. There has been much to think about handed to us last week and taking some introspective time to process our own emotions and attitudes before speaking out will enable you to thoughtfully express what you are thinking and feeling. There are large things to look at as a whole. Draw outside yourself and look but, be certain to pay attention to how you are responding internally and why. It's okay to be angry. There are many things that are truly maddening and should be addressed but by analyzing ourselves first is an important step. Know thyself.


The beginning of this week the energies are turning inward, now is not the time to present that new project, but to make sure all the underpinnings of it are in place and plan it's execution with research, sketches and making contacts that can guide you on your path. As the Wheel does nothing but turn, our lives are turning with it and when it is on a down cycle for us that does not have to be something we worry about. We can utilize it as a time for introspection and planning for when the Wheel brings us back up. While we are looking at ourselves we may find that there needs to be  a shift in the direction we are moving and alter our course. These are good things to decide during this period. You may uncover patterns and cycles that have escaped your attention previously that can completely change your perspective. As we know, perspective is everything. If we can pull away from what we are so raptly focused on we can see not only a larger pattern, but how we fit into the picture.

 You may find that the energies of the beginning of the week unnerving and frustrating, but by the time the middle of the week rolls around you will have a good sense of what is really going on and be able to move forward with compassion and understanding. There is a spark of creative energy that allows that last piece of the puzzle to fall in place to make your plans work out better than the beginning of the week suggested they could. Follow that intuitive spark, you may uncover something grand.

The end of the week comes in with a plan that is executable, do it. Concentrate on what is effective instead of lingering on the why it wont work energy that began the week. Common sense will be your best friend and help you grow beyond your current self imposed limitations. At the end of this week, go out and meet your success! Step out of your shadow and trust that the light will show you for all your best attributes.

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