Thursday, January 27, 2011


Why on earth would any one want to talk to ANY of the leaders right now. . . they have shown to be either all talk or just plain delusional! The leaders of China for instance seem to think that they can convince a whole people of the world that they can regulate reincarnation. Really??? Obama likes to talk about how we are still the greatest nation in the world yet we still need to get our kids more educated ( while states are slashing budgets) so we can keep up with the technology race???? What? Leaders in the middle east are only really interested in blowing up infidels faster then their neighbors can. Why on earth would any alien species be silly enough to ask to speak to our leaders?????

Ugh. . . yes there's that word again

Hopefully if we are being visited by another species from another planet they are smart enough to stay away from our leaders because obviously every day is April Fools here on earth.

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