Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

I spent last night going through my coin jar and separating pennies.  I know weird thing to do, but I am a witch and plenty of things that make sense to me just look weird on the outside. Sort of makes me giggle. The New Year is fast approaching and my poor old jar of prosperity is over a decade old. . . did I say it was OLD???? Ok just making sure. I figure it is time for a new one. So I emptied it out: rice, tea cinnamon and all and decided that I was going to take a different tack with this one and use copper.

Copper attracts abundance to the household. My Mother has chunks of copper, I must settle for copper pennies. In order to make sure you have the most copper content your pennies must be dated before 1982. In 1982 the treasury changed the content of copper in pennies. Before 1982 pennies were 95 percent copper. Good enough for me. While separating the pennies out I began to be able to recognize what I was looking for. The older pennies with copper in them have a very specific patina. The weight of these pennies is the obvious clue, but t he thing that really caught my attention was the cut of the stamping. Through the years coins wear and their images become worn depending on the life of the penny. The older pennies' stamping almost all the time was pristine and clean cut. The copper in the older pennies held their images better than the alloy being used in pennies now. I think I like that quality for a health, wealth, prosperity spell. The other interesting thing about copper pennies is that the Leap year ones seem to have a bit more kick to them. I like to keep these pulled aside for special workings. . . more on that later, totally different subject.

I decided to use a small jar for this for a couple of reasons: 1) copper pennies are heavy 2) I want to be able to just grab my hearth jar and give it good shake when I need to.

I do a lot of work with Hestia at my hearth. She seems to live there and like it. With that in mind you can probably guess that the pennies are consecrated to Her name since they will be living in the kitchen. 

Lady  Hestia
Goddess of the hearth and home
Keeper of the sacred flame
Bless and protect my family
Bless and protect our homes
Bless and protect our health wealth and prosperity

You can make this as simple or as complicated as you like. I have a tea light candle holder on my stove that I light in Her honor. We all work differently so don't think you have to do this just like I do or what some book out lines. You don't. You have to live it, like it. love it, do it! However that is. 
Happy New Year!
Blessings from the Oddly Family!

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