Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello. . . God? It's me, Nalaya!

I am one of those who believes that the Universe is alive and sentient. I believe in Gods and Goddesses who hear your call and respond in kind. I also believe that these beings have your best interest at heart. Ok most of them, but that requires an explanation on an entirely different posting.  I also believe in signs. I believe they are everywhere once you establish a solid connection to your higherself and divinity.

Actually, I think I have come to a point where belief is no longer an accurate word for what I experience in the signpost department. Believing implies that you know it's out there, you have heard stories about it from other people whom you have faith in, but you have yet to have the phenomenon touch your life. I think experience of a thing changes that belief into knowledge. So, I stand corrected. I know that the signs are there.

You can even ask for them to be specific. . . although how they manifest is usually unexpected, yet exactly what you ask for. In a lot of cases, it just shows that the Universe and the Gods really do have a great sense of humor. The largest hurdle to over come is usually the same one everyone else experiences in any other spiritual path: Faith in something larger than you really is listening and willing to help. You must establish that you are expecting to see that sign you asked for and are willing to follow it. ( this does not mean we abandon common sense mind you)

Patience is also part of this formula. You must be willing to let the universe to arrange things for the sign to happen. That does not mean we sit on the couch in a catatonic state paralyzed to do anything until it shows up. It means: keep calm and carry on with your normal life with a sharp eye and open heart.

I have an open dialogue with divinity. Sometimes there is frustration, sometimes there is gratitude and yes, sometimes even anger. I have been told by someone I consider to be wise that if you have not shook your fist in anger at the Gods, then you have not felt their hand in your life. I have also been told that the Gods are large enough to take your anger. They have a perspective on life that we cannot understand and they know that we will get angry with them the same way that a child gets angry when told "no."

The first sign you may want to start working with is the one I call: Hello Gods? It's me, Nalaya. If you can hear me show me a ( insert your own sign here.) Then be patiently observant as you go through your life. Don't be afraid to be daring, if you want see dancing pink elephants as your sign. . . it will happen. It may take some time. . but it will happen. The more you practice this, the faster you will see results. Establishing a dialogue like this with divinity is just like any other skill. It requires practice, patience and belief in yourself.

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