Purchase A Spell

There is much to consider when purchasing a working, including how much you can afford to spend and what you wish to accomplish. 

I am a serious witch, doing serious work for you, so please do not approach me unless you are also serious about the work. I am not here to convince you that magic works. I am here to perform it on your behalf. I will not necessarily take any spell working that crosses my path. If I do not think it will work for you, I will not take the work. I can not guarantee 100% success. Magic does not work that way. If you want 100% guarantees I will have to refer you to science and even that has its mysteries that evade 100% success. Magic works often enough and I have stopped questioning why.

When (and only when) you are ready to order a custom working, contact me via email and I will contact you with consultation appointment openings available. All clients are required to go through a consultation before any I agree to take any custom working. Should I accept the working, I will send you a payment request through Paypal for the amount of days agreed upon. For any other working   Work will begin upon payment however, there are timing issues that will need to be observed and supplies that need to be gathered and created. Be prepared to wait for the right timing and correct supplies. I hand craft any supplies you need for a bath, home smudging, floor washes, oils, poppets etc. They are included in the price of the working and will be sent to you. I will text or email you photos of each day's work once the working has begun. I do not send candles. . . I live in the desert and can not guarantee they will reach you in any good shape. 

Money Baby Working: $50.00

I will create for you a money baby to keep in your home or shop where you keep your money. It will come fully charged and cast upon for (3) three days on my prosperity altar. Upon completion of this working I will send to you your money baby via USPS with tracking. Please note: there will be variations of green and buttons as supplies allow. To continue charging your money baby once in your possession, on the full moon anoint a gold chime candle with has no hanna conjure oil and use a prosperity mantra of your choosing to repeat 3-9 times. Allow the candle to burn down.

Custom Feri Working

Consultation: $60.00

All clients must go through a consultation before any working is agreed upon to check the outcome and conditions of the work to be done. I will consult the cards, listen to any spirits that show up, perform a pendulum clearing, and a 15 minute reiki session on your behalf. To set up a consultation, email me to make an appointment to meet on G+ hangout or by phone call.

     3 days of casting: $150.00

     5 days of casting: $250.00

     7 days of casting: $350.00

     9 days of casting: $450.00

Each day of casting adds power to the spell and increases the staying power of the working. Feri draws from a rich traditional background of witchcraft including Traditional Witchcraft, Huna, HooDoo, and Fairy Magic. Decide how much you can spend and then decide how many days you wish me to cast.

This is a one-witch enterprise. I will not take every custom working and prices are subject to change. If you are considering a working and decide to hold off, please be certain to recheck the listed pricing here so you are not surprised later. You must contact me through email in order for me to work for you. I answer emails within 24 hours.

If you are ready for your magic to begin, email me now