Friday, August 30, 2013

Going for a Bitch Walk. . .

I was in a conversation with peers on the subject of social activism and how far our responsibility to it goes. I am not really a social activist, but when I see something wrong ( and right) I have a terrible habit of opening my mouth and putting my .02 on the table. Really, I should be paying a quarter because most of what I say is not terribly pretty. Ugh. There were others who felt as though they should be advocating their calling to justice and rightness, but they weren't too sure how much and how far to go with it. Hopefully they work through and find an answer that works for them. I wish them good hunting. My answer is simple. It works for me. I focus on the city I live in for the most part. I have a personal calling to the protection of women and children. I have a special wicked venom for child molesters and rapists.

There are two separate workings I will share with you because I can't be in every city and I am sure I am not alone in this feeling of no more! Not in my city!

Bitch Walk

If you are so lucky as to have a bitch (female dog), most excellent. You will want to leash her up and go for a twilight walk, as it is a great liminal time to call upon Hecate and her hounds. Yes, do walk by all the houses in your neighborhood with annoying barking dogs. See how many dogs you can get barking. ( no cheating. just walk by the house respectfully.) Of course, the entire time you are whispering to Hecate and her hounds about the particulars of the violation against women and children and calling upon her for help. Be very specific about what happened. Be certain to whisper. It connects you to the divine in an intimate manner. Listen to your bitch. Watch were she wants to go and what's around. Take mental notes and taste the wind. If you want, you can do this with a poppet in hand of the perpetrator or a rolled up scroll of the artistic rendering. When you have gathered your forces to a point you feel you can take no more, head for a crossroads and leave the poppet or scroll at its center. Walk away. Do not look back. When you get home, make sure your faithful bitch is well rewarded.

If you do not have a bitch, do not fret. Get a dog fetish or simply print out a picture of your favorite breed of dog and go for the same walk. Leave an offering of a special dog treat on your altar.

To Catch a Rapist
best performed during the times the perpetrator is known to strike.


black candle inscribed with the name of your city, the sigil for Venus and a pentacle for protection.
red thread
photo of perpetrator, or the composite sketch
war water
ziplock bag
water from the tap ( city water from which you live or the perpetrator if you know him/her)
garlic bulb or egg for offering
goofer's dust

* call circle and guardians
*Call Hecate

Queen of the Heavens
Queen of the Dead
Walker above, below, and between the worlds
Come be near your priest/ess this hour
Help me/ us to stop this violator of women and children
Lend your might to this casting,
Come and attend and protect this rite and this city.

Wait for a sign of Her presence, in darkness if you can. Light inscribed candle. Cut out the composite sketch while focusing on his or her every move being foiled by his/ her own hand. Place a pinch of goofer's dust in the middle of the paper and fold into thirds before very carefully rolling into a scroll. You may want to do this on news paper because goofer's dust is not something you want to spill all over the place and have a hard time cleaning up. Continue to focus on this person goofing up enough to be caught properly by authority to be punished civilly. As you focus on this wind the red cord around the scroll saying:

This red thread to start the charm
This red thread to end your harm
This red thread to track your tread
this read thread to stop you dead. ( Let the Goddess determine how literally to take this phrase.)

Repeat this with heat ( not hate) until the scroll is glowing with heat and power and the scroll is wrapped and knotted three times.

Hold the charm and visualize the violator being caught and appropriately handled. Place the charm in a zip lock bag with war water and city tap water. Seal it well and place it in the freezer until the violator is caught and dealt with.

* Thank Hecate and say farewell
* Thank the guardians
* Open circle

When done take the whole frozen bag to a crossroad with a trash can far from your home and toss it. Leave the offering ( egg or garlic bulb.) Do not look back.

from the Book of Purple

Basic Goofer's dust
equal parts patchouli and graveyard dirt
( properly paid for from the grave of a beloved Matriarch; preferably from the head or heart area. If that is not available, buy it from a graveyard gateway)
sulphur or saltpeter ( only a couple of pinches, something to give it oomph.)

I don't generally meddle in a whole bunch of things outside my city or state. I tend to pick my fights, as we all should. On occasion there are things that have been brought to my door that would normally be considered "out of my jurisdiction."  For example a friend brought my attention to an attack on one of her best girlfriends. Yup. You bet' cha jurisdiction went right out the eff'ing window.

You may or may not agree with me about my policy on hexing and that's okay. But, if ever there comes a time you change your mind and need one of these workings, they are here patiently waiting for you.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Angry imps!

I like this discussion on the dark side of meditation and the issues that can occur. I view them of course not necessarily from a scientific or even scholastic perspective. I come to this discussion from personal experience ( which is king in my book) and a shamanic eye. It is necessary to have this discussion because these are real consequences of awakening a possible shaman without the lore/ guiding hand/ shamanic ethos and spirit contact. Meditation is not a practice of scientifically silencing the mind and it's voice, it is a conscious effort to connect yourself with the divine part of yourself and divinity as we are able to perceive and understand. This requires understanding of uncommon sense to be applied in a common sense world. Yes this is indeed a paradox, but if you are in the mirror's reflection, everything is backward, yet we still understand it.

 I agree with the Dalai Lama: you cannot have a Temple without a large library to support it. ( Library guides are also very much desired.) Libraries and library guides teach us that there are answers out there and if they are not direct answers, we are able to take the facts or read a pattern and bring it into focus to understand or at least come to terms with the strangenesses currently in play. Between libraries and meditation, shamans thrive; remove the libraries and the whole kit and caboodle is insanity in a crazy burlap bag of angry wet cats. Poor burlap bag. I believe that when you are centered within yourself while in meditation that what you have learned has the potential to become wisdom through right action.  I think we often forget that life is a mystery to experience not analyze.

I have had some very negative experiences in both meditation and trance. That does not make me unstable. It makes me pretty "normal." EEEEEKKKK When these disturbing things occur it is a cue for me not to run away, but to carefully inspect. I may be experiencing an angry shard of myself or even missing soul piece! That is not to be ignored or taken lightly in the shamanic world. ( it is also not red alert/ klaxon alarm/ panic button pushing event.) It could be causing illness, true indeed, even emotional disturbances. . . the good news is that you can fix it. In fact, when these things come up you are being invited to help heal the issue. Not just fix it; heal it, mend it, bring the tattered ends together for peace talks. These things, these dark frightening things that hide in our beings. . . they are us. And they want the same things we want: love and acceptance for who and what they are. Really it's like the soul shattered off and made all these little imp like shards and they come back to haunt us. The only truth we need to understand in these moments is this: It may be an imp, but it's my imp and I love it. Well loved imps are much better behaved than ignored, ostracized, and angry imps.

Thus the witch proverb:

Faithfully serve your imp, and S/He shall faithfully serve you.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Flying monkeys spotted over school offices everywhere!

Oh my dear Oddlings,
I have to do a terrible thing.

I must share with you a string of connections that made me cringe.

We all know that I have been labeled a combative parent because I will not allow the adults in the school to bully me into compliance with what ever inane plan they come up with. With my eldest he was too much a handful to control in the classroom environment ( for teachers with no ability to hold authority.) In other words they do not know how to discipline effectively and when we at home disciplined him for stealing from a store, the school called CPS on us for child abuse. The only thing that saved us was the fact that our,  then,  6 year old son could not keep his lies straight. At one point in time the police pulled my son from the school property to question him with out my permission. I only found out because he was not on the school bus. When I called the principal in hysterics to find out what the hexes happened to my son, he raged and screamed at me that it was HIS job to make sure my child was safe.

My son was a real lightning rod when it came to authority figures and their abuse of the system and even violations of the constitution over the next school years and they sure as heck made sure that he continued to not learn. Yes. . . those IEP's waste of time and breath and most heinously a waste of paper. He would not have graduated high school if I had not sent him to his Grandparents and removed him from this system. In reality, that is both his and the system's fault. I fault the system because they said things like: ( "don't worry about making him do home work. . . preserve the relationship. ") WTF???! No! Don't teach him that it's ok to not do the work and not do it well! ( btw this is one of the reasons I have been labeled combative. I argue about how to raise my kids when they make insane suggestions as the previous statement.)Well apparently, I am a dumb ass combative parent who does not know thing one about anything since I can't submit to their authority.

After the CPS disaster with the school, we opted for a charter school, who also had trouble getting my son to heel. I had trouble getting my son to heel after he figured out that he could play the school against the parents! What came next was every minorities nightmare. My son would get into the car sobbing and he wouldn't tell me why. When he finally did he told me that the teachers were talking about Harry Potter and how witches weren't real. This lead to me being outed as a witch. He stood up and said: That's not true! My Mom is a witch! And she's real!

well fuck!

He revealed to me how the other kids were picking on him and no one would do anything about it. I asked the school about this and they denied knowing anything about it. Which was interesting since it was a small one room class setting with very little possibility of not over hearing a bunch of children being bullies. Needless to say after a big fat fight I withdrew my son from that school and into another public school in the district were had moved to.

I made certain at that point to inform the school that they had a pagan child. I went to WitchVox's section for said suggestions and followed them. BTW not a good idea. Word gets around. The grapevine is merciless and back shooters abound. It's like from that point on I opened myself and my children to a silent sort of bigotry that led to low level emotional hostility. No one bothered to hear anything other than witch and non compliant and combative parent. It's like Pass Down notes from the previous security shift that I can't prove exist, but they're being used against me. There has been so much bad faith and plain horrendous customer service at the school office that it's enraging. I can't accomplish a simple task with out consuming behemoth amounts of time for them to get around to helping me. And when you will no longer take their mean girl bullying and moral lectures of how holy a place a school is and how grand their position is they bring down the might of the law. It doesn't even have to be an accurate accounting of events, as they have so aptly displayed by their accounting of what happened. I think someone is a liar and afraid.

So here I am today, thirteen years later still not taking their crap, and pretty much having the same sort of fights. Nothing has changed. Nothing is better. In fact it's worse! And I have 11 more years of this crap to go!

Arizona School districts, if your budget hadn't been  raided by Sheriff Joe's show dog routine yet, might I suggest you get some serious attention on how better to service you customers. Other states are talking to giants like Disney. No really. . . you need to do something. . .  Just because you are in admin does not mean you are not in customer service. Any time you engage a customer from behind a desk, that means customer service and I have had better service at one of the dirtiest Walmarts in town than at most school offices that I have had to stand before in the last 13 years!

And now the scary connection I promised you. I am certain that it is not just parents who are fed up with the adult bullies in schools. I am certain they are the reason our children become non compliant and refuse to learn. They seem to have completely rejected the whole kit and caboodle and want nothing to do with anyone who enforces such inane policies. I can't say that after everything I have experienced at the hands of 4 different schools, 3 different districts, and through all three children, I blame anyone for becoming non compliant in the eyes of this kind of "authority".  Here's the horror: 15 year old denied heart because he has bad grades and is non compliant. They have changed their minds about that, but only after a raucous noise was raised. That's racism of a new breed.

I do believe that is called eugenics.

So, you'll give someone like Dick Cheney ( who eats kittens) a brand spanking new borrowed heart, and not a 15 year old who has a whole world ahead of him because he's not compliant??? What other essential things are going to be denied due to 'non compliant' behavior?

Here's some food for thought: If you don't want your authority challenged, you have no place being in authority. Ever.

Customer service so bad they actually have to take classes on how to do it right!

ARS 13 2911 (and relevant passages)

Articles of admistrative abuses:


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

HEXEN! ( almost as good as screaming fart!)

Many years ago there was a moment when a friend and I were going though witchy books I have in my library. One of them happened to be a Valerie Worth book with some pretty hefty zingers. Well, she had dropped her jaw at one point and asked me when the heck is ok do to this??? She thrust the orange book upon me and upon page 85 there was in bold letters: a charm to waste another's wealth. I didn't have an answer for her then. I didn't have an answer for myself and I didn't for quite some time.

I am a much older witch now. And now I have an answer that I think worthy of sharing as to why we would wither away the wealth of another. When man makes rules that protect them from reprisal for their own evil deeds against humanity. When justice becomes a farce, and the sheep dogs feast on mutton, we retaliate in this manner. It is why we are here. "Coincidentally" many of these things zoom their way to either our attention or straight into our personal cauldrons and leave a big fat stinky mess when all we want to do is take a bath and be left alone. It's why I refer to us ( witches, shamans, magicians, wizards, warlocks, conjurers. . .) as agents of balance.

Money is not power. Knowledge is. The only power money has is the power of acquisition. This is often times mistaken as power especially by those whose only power is through their money. Remove this, and they are helpless and can no longer abuse their position and inflict themselves upon humanity. There are reasons to remove someone from power like this. People who play the good ol' boy and mean girl games and use the might of the law to get away with it. . . yeah hello, hexy poo to you.

As a witch who is surrounded by Catholics and Christians, I have recovered from my allergic reaction to the bible and started to use it against those who present themselves as my foes. . . after all most of them understand that language. Of course, what the hex is a poppet maker gonna curse with other than a poppet???? ( I think if I told you how much hotfoot I used in that bi-atch you would cringe as much as anyone who said dropped bowling ball on foot.)

Clearly, this working is not the one on page 85. But as I went through my own witchy career, I have found that there are other witches who also feel in this manner. . . in fact, it goes all the way back to The Gospel of the Witches written in the way back when, when they understood that thing the Bene Gesserit say:

Rules build up fortifications behind which small minds create satrapies. A perilous state of affairs in the best of times, disastrous during crises.

The only way to get around this??? Call down the Lightning!

Friday, August 9, 2013

My friend, Stinky!

She arrived last week and was unveiled to the ooo's and aww's of a gaggle of magic people who happened to be here when the mail man rang the door. She ( I'm not sure if the beastie was a he or she, but I keep leaning toward she. Eh hem. . . sorry I digress) - she is sweeter than the photo revealed and a pristine example of loving hands tending her postmortem. I was asked why a skunk skull?? Honestly, I have had skunk encounters all my life. Never once sprayed and each time either individuals or, at one time, Mama and all her little skunklings in tow. . . yes, they walk in a line right behind mom.

My most recent encounter happened right before my quiet little magic hidey hole was sealed off to everyone. I was sitting watching the water lap the rivers edge and a rustle in the grasses caught my attention. The biggest skunk in the entire freaking world strode out like he just lost his patience with me for not asking him to join in the quarter calls! I know right? How dare I be so rude?! He paced up to me sitting there, absolutely entranced with his presence and paused to look me over a few more times. He snorted and went on his way, then so did I.

I never shook that encounter. It still makes me smile. I really didn't know how much I wanted a skunk skull until I saw this sweet one. I was more interested in seeing if I could get a hold of a corvid skull for my Hecate altar. As it turns out I may have more in common with this little one than I thought. They tend to be very independent and make interesting choices as to who they will spray and who they will stride up and nuzzle. Oh yes, this has indeed happened. I woke once on a camping trip with a skunk curled up with me. Really it was fine, no one got sprayed and the skunk stayed warm. It seems they have this sixth sense about who is friend and foe. I'm sure owl people and skunk people are not friends at all, but skunk usually has no qualms with anyone unless they get all trash mouthy. Maybe it's because skunk people have no issues with making a stink over outrageous behavior. In fact, you could say they are famous for it.

I think that skunk medicine certainly has a place on my Hecate altar. If you look at the energies of the skunk familiar/totem it is self apparent. I also think it is interesting that both of us know how to make a stink. . . no really! Skunks may repel people because of their smell, however they are rumored to be highly charismatic. And yes, the obvious comparison is that I do not suffer fools well, but the less obvious comparison is the aromatherapy obsession. . . I guess that makes me stinky too.

Here's some nice links to go visit if you want to peek into the ways of the Skunk People:

Friday, August 2, 2013

School has started ( deflated sigh. . .)

The red light haze of the monsoon season settles into the dusk sky as I walk through the neighborhood and even so, I find my head bowing under my hat to hide from the sun. The sensation is different this year. Last summer, I could feel flames on the breeze lick my skin as I passed through the heat waves that wavered from the concrete. Ritual rolled through my head and my feet kept time: iron, pearl, kala...

The Faery Godmother Oddlings still sit on my desk bald as babies wishing for hair. It's been a bit of a looper to get back into stride for the school cycle of the year. Most parents jump up and down for joy when school starts, I guess. I am not one of them. There are things about the educational system that disturb me including the fact that several times a couple of school authorities told me it was their job to take care of my children and that I was a part of their team. My response of course, was predictable to any one who knows me: two thousand pounds of very angry dragon landing on your head.

Common core is something that I have concerns about as well. Not for the common core itself, I can see why it would be very attractive to teachers at first blush. However I see nothing in there that will reach the lofty goals they are trying to set for our children. You can change standards all you want, but if you do not have a curriculum to attain the standards, all is for not! All that will change is the failure rate, in the completely opposite direction of where we wish to be. This will prompt our beloved puppets in puppet world to have a coronary and mess things up even further by introducing the patriot act of education. This is where we head into very dangerous territory and the insanity begins. Please remember the definition of insanity that I am using is one we are familiar with: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

So, as you can see, I am never really thrilled about sending my children to school and having to deprogram out the social bullshit and underhanded information mining done by a few teachers: example???? OK, I have one that has has repeated in two different generations. While my sister was in high school, she received a questionnaire from her teacher and asked her students to fill them out and return them. The problem was the questions were deeply personal, not just invasive to the students' personal life, but the whole family's personal dynamic. ON top of that, she was told to not tell her parents about this questionnaire. I saw that again in my daughter's class, this year. It wasn't even a frakking week in. . . just like the last time we saw this sort of questionnaire.  And just like the last time, she was advised not to show this to her parents. Good thing she has her head on right.  There are other things of course, like the biggest bullies in the schoolyard seem to be some of the adults. Seems they just want the no bullying thing in place to look good. Either that or they just don't like competition.

I don't like this. I have been told over and over that this sort of thing doesn't happen in spite of the hard evidence. I must be one hell of a witch to manifest proof like that out of thin air from my own personal delusion. Watch out! you never know what else I am capable of.

Witches are owls. That is all...