Monday, January 17, 2011

You've just been recruited!

Earlier I talked a little about penny magic. Here is a fun one we are all familiar with from a different perspective.

"Find a penny pick it  up and all day long you'll have good luck."

What if some witchy is running around leaving lucky pennies head side up on sidewalks and shopping mall floors? Well there is! And now with you reading this: there will hopefully be more. Let the penny games begin!

 I like to indulge in magical pay it forward. I like to use nine pennies that are 95 percent copper, pre 1982. Sometimes I include some of those hoarded leap year pennies in the mix. Really, any penny will do if you haven't had time to sort them out yet. I just like to add as much pow in a working as possible. Copper is a metal that attracts abundances. With this magic, I am calling forth abundances of good luck and joy for who ever picks up these pennies.

I set them on my altar, play some happy music and place energy in the penny pile. An added bonus would be to choose a lucky rune such as one for prosperity or joy to shape your pennies into. As I go about my daily routine while out and about I pull one out, place it head side up while no one is looking and whisper : " Find this penny, pick up and all day long you'll have good luck!" It is best to put these pennies in a place where it would be safe for a person to stop and pick it up; after all, we may be indulging children in their game.

This is a great way to leave happy magic where ever you go. It is especially helpful when things are in such a somber tone around you. A little light goes along way and it only takes one candle to light another. Before you know it the darkness is lifted! Happiness is just as contagious as depression. Happy spelling! You've just been recruited into the Witches' Penny Brigade!

Note: A variation to this casting can include magic pennies you have picked up along the way. After your day is up, put it in a special bag or jar to use in this working. Remember, this is supposed to be fun for you as well. Oh and remember: Silence is golden!

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