Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sampling corners.

I'm hoping that today is a better day than yesterday. (  or at least last night). The water heater decided to spring a leak, so I am expecting to have a plumber over to handle it. My son had a classic adolescent testosterone meltdown because he doesn't like the rules and thinks it's my fault that he's at the bottom of the chain as he puts it. He can't make and keep the right friends because I won't let him go galavanting around the city. ( sorry ain't happening) Apparently, he has it in his head that the impending economic crash is the end of the world. I'm not sure it's the end of the world, but it's not going to be fun or pretty. I also don't agree with the trader who got on BBC news and honestly spoke about the next crash. He said that anyone can profit from this crash and he plans to. Well if by everyone he is referring to those with discretionary funds, he is sadly mistaken. My experience with traders is that they simply do not understand the reality of the 99 percent.

My Mother had a friend who was a day trader. He was running a holistic center. Until the world crashed on him, he used to emphasize the importance of eating well. My mother pointed out that many people cannot afford the foods he is recommending because things are very tight. He flat out told her he didn't believe her and said the only reason people don't eat right is because they are too lazy to make it themselves. He is not doing so well right now. Unfortunately, he is learning the hard way how most of the 99 percent really live. Not a lesson I would want anyone to learn this way, but anyway, I ramble.

I think high school leads a life style that is counter culture to reality. Most of your friends are about the same age and just as clueless about the reality of living. In real life, friends come from all walks and generations. Each person has a unique view and different experience level to share. Each friend makes you just a bit wiser if you choose well. I keep trying to emphasize that surrounding yourself with those smarter than yourself is usually a wise choice, but he's an adolescent, so of course, Mom is a moron, liar, and rule nazi.

I am trying to handle his snotty attitude and anger lashing with grace, but last night wasn't so graceful. Each time he sneered at me and my rules, I could feel the ego dander rise. I have rules and I expect them to be followed. Those rules are there for a reason. It got to the point where he consistently demanded a further explanation for something. We had already covered those grounds at length he knew what the reasoning was, he just didn't like it. I had reached my patience limit with his anger mask and violent tone so I finally screeched back at him: because I said so and that's the only answer you are going to get right now! Well, of course, that went well. Afterward, he let loose with a barrage of insane remarks that only could be fueled by rage. There was absolutely no logic or truth to anything coming out of his mouth. He revealed just how frightened of the future he really is. Even with a basic understanding of what is going on around him and why it is happening, he sees no reason to obey any rules. Especially since those in power certainly aren't. He feels like by following rules and being truthful and honorable, he will end up at the bottom of the chain, as he puts it, with no future. WOW!

He see no end to this. 

Once again the cards are right. They warned me that my eldest would have some issues that need some serious guiding through and last night, I failed as a parent. I let my ego get the best of me and let my patience dry up. This is the note I am leaving town on??? Great! I am not one to think that all will be better if I leave it alone. It's not like the issue is going to go away by itself. It's not like his friends are going to do anything but re enforce those thought forms. They are all the same age. They pretty much all feel the same way. At this age kids trust their peer group more than adults. I find that insane, but then again I'm an adult, over thirty, and not to be trusted. That seems to be the creed of this age group in any generation. I remember being a teenager. I remember how terrible it was. I would NEVER want to repeat that age. I really feel for him and I am trying to find a way into his mind that will make sense. All he seems to want is for me to be a good old pal and let him do what ever he deems cool. I am his parent, not his pal and he hates me for it. I'm ok with that.

What I am not ok with, is that yelling and screaming seems to be the only thing he listens to. He pushes every button ( read as mashes with a sledge hammer) until he gets the anger levels up to where he wants them. I think he is of the mind that if he wears me down I'll just give up and let him run amuck. Well he actually ended up in a corner standing at parade rest until his Dad got home. I wonder when he'll get the message and stop pushing my buttons like that? I guess never. That's okay. I have many more corners he can sample. In the mean time I am going to go smudge and seek a bit of guidance before my day gets crazy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's my path and I hold all the swords. . . to sea with you!

What Makes Your State Great?

My friend Kallan makes a great statement about this group on her blog. It would be a great way of keeping the good juju going while we are being prayed against as a secular nation. However, I sort of have to go with my Grand Master's tack on this one. If you insist upon hurting me with your prayers, I will have to pray for you until you bloody well scream in agony and beg me to stop!

I also thought it would be more fun to take a look at what these fanatics have come up with for nick names of their Christianized states. They actually reveal quite a bit about who these people are. I find it interesting that a group of people who follow the "Prince of Peace" are violent minded ( See Oregon's nick name) toward those who differ from them. ( To be fair, most Christians are graceful and peaceful people) It's these one percent fanatics who know how to really make a lot of noise for insane reasons. I also find it interesting that they call this person the Prince of Peace in the first place. There has been absolutely NO peace established by him.

So here are the nick names:

Hawaii (50)The Pentecost Harvest State10-03-11 
Alaska (49)The Alpha and Omega State10-04-11 
Arizona (48)The Greenhouse State 10-05-11 
New Mexico (47)The Supernatural State10-06-11 
Oklahoma (46)The Open Heaven State10-07-11 
Utah (45)The Worship State10-08-11 
Wyoming (44)The Deliverance State10-09-11 
Idaho (43)The Treasure State (Isaiah 45)10-10-11 
Washington (42)The Whirlwind State10-11-11 
Montana (41)The Pure Atmosphere State10-12-11 
South Dakota (40)The Stronghold State10-13-11 
North Dakota (39)The Faith and New Wineskin State10-14-11 
Colorado (38)The State of Breaking the Drought10-15-11 
Nebraska (37)The Unique State10-16-11 
Nevada (36)The Transformation State10-17-11 
West Virginia (35)The Breakthrough State10-18-11 
Kansas (34)The Revival State10-19-11 
Oregon (33)The State to Throw Jezebel From the Wall10-20-11 
Minnesota (32)The Threshing Floor State10-21-11 
California (31)The Crossing Over State10-22-11 
Wisconsin (30)The River State10-23-11 
Iowa (29)The Corn State –Supply and Release10-24-11 
Texas (28)The Prophetic State10-25-11 
Florida (27)First for Revival; the Forerunner State10-26-11 
Michigan (26)A State With a Restored Voice10-27-11 
Arkansas (25)The State of Exposing & Dislodging the Serpent10-28-11 
Missouri (24)The “Show Me Your Glory” State10-29-11
 Maine (23)The East Gate for the King10-30-11
Alabama (22)The Reformer and Justice State10-31-11 
Illinois (21)The Apostolic State11-01-11
Mississippi (20)The State in the Valley of Decision11-02-11
Indiana (19)The First – Strike State11-03-11
Louisiana (18)The Governmental Mantle State11-04-11
Ohio (17)The State That Swings the Sword11-05-11
Tennessee (16)A State Receiving God’s Covenant Blessing11-06-11
Kentucky (15)The Trumpet Has Sounded –11-07-11
Vermont (14)The Passover State & The Sleeping Beauty State11-08-11
Rhode Island (13)The Miracle State11-09-11
North Carolina (12)Shifting Into a Release of Wealth11-10-11
District of Christ (DC) The Ruler or Seat of Authority11-11-11
New York (11)His Kingdom State11-12-11
Virginia (10)The Covenant Root State11-13-11
New Hampshire (9)The State of Freedom11-14-11
South Carolina (8)The State That Reversed the Curse11-15-11
Maryland (7)“I will awaken the seed”11-16-11
Massachusetts (6)The Mother of Our Nation11-17-11
Connecticut (5)The State of Favor11-18-11
Georgia (4)A Governmental Gate11-19-11
New Jersey (3)The Watchman State11-20-11
Pennsylvania (2)The First Shall Be Last -11-21-11
Delaware (1)Releasing the Firstfruit of a Nation11-22-11

 So take a look at what they are calling your state. Go look up the actual nick name of your state, compare the two and think about what these sort of actions mean to you. If you so feel compelled, join us on the facebook group and add to the energy there.

Seven Mountains people:
You people can take your blood covered light and choose a path far, far away from me. In fact that would be pretty wise of you. You can choose your path, but you have no right to choose anyone elses'. If you decide that you wish to cross my path in an attempt to make me bow. I'll be right here, holding all the swords!
Mrs. Oddly

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blessed Mabon (and Happy Ostara)

Blessed Mabon to you and yours! 
May you have much to celebrate with a fat harvest and plenty of good company. As the sun wanes to the dark of the year, may your hearth be warm and bright and your heart joyous and light.
Mrs. Oddly

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conform or what??!

I have been thinking about whether I really wanted to talk about this or not. It's a complicated and hot button issue; the last thing I want to do is point out a group of people and say "bad doobie!" That's not what this is about. It's not about good or bad. It's about being aware of the motivations and mechanisms of control. . . and control is definitely what these particular people are about. They wish to control you with their religion. Literally, they feel their religion should be in control of everything because if it is not of their religious philosophy it is ungodly and therefore evil. We saw a glimmering of this during the madness of what was supposed to be a fun little blogging contest. They called it spiritual warfare in fact.

Most spiritual people will tell you that control is an illusion, so will most religious people out the side of their mouths as they are yanking on the reigns of their own lives and sometimes the lives of the people around them. The difference is simply that between philosophy and dogma. Philosophy requires individual thought; dogma is repetition of someone else's thoughts.

I am speaking of this now because a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak to someone within this particular thought form of a religion one on one. It still haunts me.

He was a young man in his early 20's. He still had the haunted look of being a bit lost, yet he gushed over and over how he was now the co-pilot of his life and how Jesus saved him from himself. He rattled off the drugs he had been on and how poorly he had been living through his faithlessness in the Lord. I felt for him. He genuinely looked as though his life had been one road rash experience after another.

The thing that began to alarm me is that he started to speak about spiritual warfare and that it meant fighting the demons that were not part of Christ's realm. I probed further into this and asked what he meant by this and he couldn't elaborate any. He kept repeating the words fighting demons and couldn't define what a demon was; he kept repeating they were evil and to be vanquished. He repeated familiar dogma like: anyone could be saved and that all you had to do to be saved was pronounce that Jesus was your Lord and saviour. He then went on about how he's better than those who were not saved. I asked him what he meant by that and he said he was a better person than those who were not saved. I probed further by asking if he was better than a Jewish person because he was saved and he said, without skipping a beat: yes. I pointed out that he just dehumanized about 3/4 of the population. He fervently denied that so I quoted back to him his words and their dictionary definition. He fought the logic of what was just pointed out and fell back into repeating dogma. I dropped the subject as he was in serious denial of not understanding the words coming out of his mouth.

Our conversation lasted for about a half an hour before he left my porch in a daze as to why I wouldn't convert. I could see him stumble around in his own head wondering what went wrong. I watched him go as I began to have the frightening chill creep up my spine as it dawned on me that this young man was the product of some serious and complete brainwashing. All the hallmarks were there. Repetition of nonsensical dogma, peer pressure, finger pointing and the wielding of fear. These are the people who want to control our nation. Literally they believe they should have influence in every aspect of life. They call it the Seven Mountains of society: Arts and Entertainment, Religion, Education, Family, Government, Business and Media.

They also have a militia. You hear them occasionally talk about the Army Of God. Really??? God needs an army? What are you guys gonna do with this army? I thought God's first law was Thou shalt not kill. Maybe I am reading the wrong bible.

Here is where we get to the problem. These people have individuals in the gates to obtaining power. Palin, Bachman and Perry ( just off the top of my head) all have ties to these Seven Mountain dogmas. They all profess this repeatedly and Rick Perry even held and backed an event called The Response which espoused these religious beliefs. I have an issue with this. I do not want politicians in office that are going to use their power to force their religious beliefs upon our country. This country was founded upon the principles of freedom, religion especially so.

Beginning on October 3, they plan on wielding spiritual warfare on this country. They plan on praying for their God to restore the Kingdom of Christ to Washington DC. They have denounced Columbia as something evil. I'm sorry, how can the Spirit of Freedom be evil? It has become clear to me that these people do not understand what it is they are doing. It has become clear to me that they have gotten ahold of some new age terms and began Christianizing them for their own purposes and misusing them. It seems to me that what they are doing is akin to giving a toddler a box of matches, showing it how to strike them and letting it run amuck. The best we can hope for in this scenario is that only fingers will be burned.

I am all for letting people have their religious convictions, but it also seems that cramming their beliefs down everyone else's throat is part of the Seven Mountain belief system. I believe that to be wrong. They are out there screaming CONFORM!!!!

My question is: conform or what??? Die? Are you going to march through this country with your Army of God, line up your neighbors, friends and family and shoot them? Are you going to put them out of business because they won't conform? Are you going to drive them out of their homes because they are ungodly and unworthy of being your neighbor? Are you going to make laws enforcing your religious convictions upon people who aren't of the faith you observe? Are you going to only allow TV shows, news casts and movies that espouse your views to be produced? What do you plan on allowing children to be taught? What about the definition of family. Are you going to start dictating what is and is not a family?

They say they do not wish a theocracy, but the actions they are mounting in accordance to the Seven Mountains philosophy sure seems like a theocracy to me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Entering the Mysteries

Confine yourself to observing and you always miss the point of your life. The object can be stated this way: Live the best life you can. Life is a game whose rules you learn if you leap into it and play it to the hilt. Otherwise, you are caught off balance, continually surprised by the shifting play. Non-players often whine and complain that luck always passes them by. They refuse to see that they can create some of their own luck.
Darwi Odrade
Chapterhouse: Dune

We have all heard the quote about life not being a destination and how the destination itself is not the point, but the journey you encounter while on the path. Personally, I call that entering the mysteries. The point in my spiritual life where I do indeed have a destination in mind, but I become aware of all the experiences that help build the platform for me leap from so I may reach that destination. Those experiences I have along the way from point A to point B shape my perspective and prepare me for what I think is the end of the destination, but my experiences also lead me to understand that just because I have reached point B doesn't mean that the journey is over. It is merely a collection of understandings that lead me further down the path. New questions, new curiosities, new skills to hone, new directions.

This comes to mind because I have been thinking about a reading I did for myself a while ago that talked about a new journey I will be taking on my own. I will indeed be traveling soon, literally. I will be spending a few days in the Land of Enchantment with some friends, whom I had been promising a visit for some time. I look for ward to this trip for several reasons. First, I will get to spend some quality time with friends; second, I will, for the first time in a very long time get a bit of a personal vacation; third, I know something about this journey will unfold before me like the mysteries often times do. There is something in the Land of Enchantment that is waiting for me to touch upon. Something that is linked to my personal development.

While I am indeed curious about his lesson or experience that is quickly meeting me on the path, I have had not a peep about what it contains from the cards.  I am called to mind the constant repetition in the book Dune: this thing must unfold
A warning and reminder that you can not push the timing of the way mysteries reveal themselves, nor should you. The timing is important for several reasons. One: the Gods are unfolding things in a fashion where all of the important players and events will be present and ready to play their part. Two: the walker must be ready to understand and absorb what is being presented. Too soon and the door of possibility can be slammed shut, never to open again.

I am trying to calmly go about my business with a clear mind and a ready heart, but it seems I have ants in my pants. I find myself hopping around like a child about getting to my destination and I have to keep remembering that I am the walker and just because I have a destination, doesn't mean that there is not something to be watching for while I get there. I agreed to be a walker, I guess that also means that I must also be an observer. Being a walker with out observing also has hazards.  I just wish my mind would stop darting around like a startled fish!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Chanting to the wind. . .

This weekend was my parent in laws' 50th wedding anniversary! It was going to rain and I remembered how my husband felt about it raining on our wedding. I actually had no problem with it raining on our wedding. I made my peace with it months before the event. At the wedding shower I told everyone to bring umbrellas. I don't think anyone believed me at the time, but oh well. Come the day, it dumped cats and dogs and I think I saw a couple of horses. I will never forget the look on my husband's face when he walked through the door.

With that look in mind, when the weather headed our way, I resolved to do something I had never done before. I had heard of it. I had seen it done with success, so I grabbed the pocket knife out of my purse, the very same one I received with pride while I was in Camp Fire at the age of ten, and headed out to the front of the house. My eldest decided to follow. I allowed it.

Pulling out the blade, I felt the doubt in the back of my mind begin its work. How dare you claim dominion over the sky?! I ignored it and thought about the lessons I had received from the Merrow on breaking holes in clouds. Focus on one spot; a weakness in the gathering. I thrust the knife out, imagining a puncture in the sky that revealed the color of the heaven above. Breathe. I felt the wind lift around me and began to chant the names of my gods into the sky. A thing to cut the gathering doubt in my logical mind. The chastising voice kept saying my name. You are not as powerful as they. You are not as talented as they. You are not worthy of the gift. How dare you. How dare you. How dare you??!

I felt my hair lift and my son's eyes upon me. I could hear my brother in law's boots tread toward me. I was determined. I didn't care. Nothing would stop me from giving my all in this moment. I must have been something to behold, a witch at work with hair flying straight up in the the up draft, chanting at the wind and circling a steely blade to redirect the rain from the celebration.

I focused on the rain not being had here, having the energy to drop down on the Texas fires. A place that needed water more at the moment. Which is saying something considering I live in the desert. Water here is not something I would generally uninvite. However, it was my parent in laws' 50th wedding anniversary and that is nothing to sneeze at. I hope that Texas reaps the benefits of the many of us praying for and sending rain.

There was no rain at the Oddly in law's wedding anniversary party. I hope that the other half of the working was just as successful. We had a lovely evening with food, treats and dancing. We stayed blissfully dry.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The dead

As a witch I acknowledge three types of the dead: Beloved, Mighty and Ancient. I work with them. I do not command them nor do they command me. It is relationship much like the kind you would develop over time with the living. 

My first experience with the dead was pretty typical of anyone elses' experience with the dead: my Grandmother who had passed the veil. This type of experience is classified as the Beloved Dead. One whom you knew in life and loved dearly. The dead in this category are generally easy and safe to work with as they have you best interests at their hearts core. They are easily called upon. More often than not, they show up without being called upon. The beloved dead can also include any furry/ feathered/ scaled friends that you may have kept company with.

The Mighty Dead is usually associated with traditions and large groups of people. For example: in specific traditions of the craft there are those who pass the veil and remain in contact with the living members of that magical tradition. They can be called up in times of need for assistance and guidance. It is rare that they just show up. The situation for that to happen is usually dire. However, we can also break this category of the dead up into association by country. For America our Mighty dead would consist of the founders of the country as well as anyone who has served in the military and has passed the veil. This category can also include national heros and icons. A recent example of this would be Pat Tilman: Football player and Army Ranger. Working with the Mighty Dead requires that you use a whole bunch of common sense. They do not live your life, they sometimes have their own agenda that is not compatible to your situation. They are more interested in the good of the of the whole they represent.

The Ancient Dead are just that. They are the dead of those whose names have been long forgotten to history and have walked a similar path to your own. In my case these would be the witches, the wise women, sages and healers who feet tread the crooked path before history was recorded. They generally are the bringers of prophesy, warning and revealers of secrets lost to history. They do show up and when they do it is often an unnerving experience. Not because they are of malevolent intent, it is usually because they power they bring with them heralds from long ago and has done nothing but increase in strength for thousands of generations. When working with the Ancient Dead, common sense and caution in the extreme are highly necessary. While they may be trying to show or teach you something, the message and power they are revealing to you are hardly safe to dabble with. You either commit to it or you do not attempt it at all. To do anything other than commit to it, should you agree to take lesson from the Ancient Dead, is to be scalded by the light. The policy the Ancient Dead seem to take is: don't call us. We'll call you.

Why, Nalaya, are you bringing this up??? Why why why?? It's not even Samhain yet!

Because the dead are not relegated to a season. They are always there, they are always watching and appreciate it when you remember them through out the year's wheel. They are more likely to help you out if you treat them like you would treat one of your living friends. Light a candle, have an open dialogue with them, leave an offering of something they like. In my tradition, and I am sure this is true of others as well, there is an altar in the West set up just for them.

While the Samhain season makes it easier to communicate with the dead, if you work with them throughout the year's wheel, the veil no longer becomes an obstacle.

The dead have few friends; be one of them.