Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Skull, skull, skull!

We live in a time when every time we turn around, someone is wearing a skull. You see them cutesy with heart shaped eyes, on earrings, pendants, T shirts and skin; sometimes they are fierce and grim. This witch has to wonder: what is it that is resonating so deeply within our culture that we must subconsciously call upon the power of the ancestors? I realize wholly that on the surface of things people think they are cool, hip and even cute, at least the heart eyed ones, but I was brought into awareness of the fact that we are attracted to certain kinds of energy in certain modes of thinking. Skulls have a very specific energy.

Skulls represent the power of wisdom and our connection to our ancestors, even the power of death and release. Skulls also represent the transmission of ancient teachings and mysteries. With that said, it could also be that skulls represent the ability to learn and evolve. All of man's ability to exist physically depends on what is within the skull and it's well being. All of society requires a healthy mind in each individual in order to function smoothly.

How do you make a mind healthy when we treat them all like cookie cutters and stampers and attempt to train them all in the same exact manner? Each individual mind works differently, we see this most clearly in school. When we take a look at how each student learns it becomes apparent that the mind of each individual takes in and processes information different. Some are visual, some are textural others yet are auditory. These are just surface analysis of the subject, what if it goes as deep as perception? What if one student is literally seeing something that most others cannot? Does that make this person crazy because his or her peers cannot verify or measure what this person is perceiving? I'm not certain that this is always the case. 

Shamanism and psychosis often times share symptoms. Those who could be shamans could indeed become psychotic with out proper awareness of what is occurring and without proper training. We are no longer a society that openly embraces shamanism. We like to call things in  black and white labels: sane and insane, good and evil, day and night. I reasonably suspect the mysteries of the ancients and ancestors are beyond the black and white labels. It may be time as a society that we openly teach basic mind stabilizing techniques in schools while children are young. Stabilizing and clearing basics such as grounding bring peace and harmony to the operation of the mind. Regardless of a person's religion, wouldn't this be a beneficial thing? There would also be the potential of an added benefit: it may increase a child's ability to learn. 

We may be calling upon the spirit of our ancestors. We may indeed be lost with out an understanding of what has become of our culture and society. We may be experiencing discordant resonances created by our lack of understanding in how our minds work.  We may be experiencing these societal traumas because we have forgotten how our minds may be connected to much more than our bodies. Maybe our minds are connected to a large streaming network of humanity not only in current existence, but past and  future as well. It is said repeatedly by spiritual leaders and spiritual people that we are all one. 

What if they are right and we are a one large organism? An organism consists of many different types cells that form and operate differently. With that said, not only would not everyone be able to be a heart cell, each grouping of cells would require a different type 'education'. It is also a strong possibility that within each cell type grouping, each cell learns differently. Maybe part of this ancient knowledge that we  lost includes information about how each of these 'cell groupings' are best identified and taught the skills they need to help the organism function smoothly. 

Maybe now that we seem to have embraced the imagery of ancient wisdom without a fear reaction it's time to start asking: what have we forgotten and how do we relearn it?

This video is one in a series of eight about ancient teachings being transmitted through crystal skulls. All eight are avail able on You tube. This is just to get you started ;)

Terrance Miller talks about Shamanism and Psychosis here. It is an interesting thought form. Enjoy!


  1. I've never thought about the skull fashion trend like that... You make some very interesting points!

  2. Glad to provoke thought sweets! Have a great day!