Thursday, June 30, 2011

" I am going to go find the goddamn faeries!"

I finished Signe Pike's Faery Tale  while I was waiting for delivery and phone people. I had seen it on the shelves in book stores but never really had the opportunity to pick it up. I really got the bug to pick it up after I listened to her interviews with Fire Lyte on Inciting A Riot podcast. I just knew, I had to get my hands on this book! In proper Mrs. Oddly fashion, I devoured it! From faery stamped cover to green and twisted vine cover! She felt like someone who had similar experiences to mine, but had to go through so much more trial than I did to just believe. I don't think she believes any more. I think she took that experiential leap that takes you from thinking something is so to knowing it to be truth. She went a step further and shared her journey with a large audience. Brave, brave thing to do and I thank her for that courage. There are many of us out there who know about that hidden world. Many more are out there who believe in it and just haven't had the experience to know. I am hoping that this book leads to the believers leaping in to knowing. I am hoping that this book creates more believers. This world and humanity needs a little magic desperately.

The day after I had finished reading this book was the day we actually started spending evenings in the house. I had been getting up early to water all the landscaping with a hose because I had believed that when I had the plumber out to fix the broken water valve that lets water into the house, I had messed up the irrigation system. The kindly neighbor came out and told me that I had everything on a drip system. I told him what had happened and he pursed his lips and decided to take a look for himself. He tilted his head upon looking at it and pronounced that all was well with the system and then proceeded to tell me how to use it. HUZZAH!!!! Promptly afterward, I had taken a spill and scraped up and bruised my knees pretty good; my favorite jeans are headed toward being cutoffs for the summer. I saw in my mind's eye a being slowly slide his hand horizontally to the earth across his chest. It reminded me of Grandfather in Thunder Heart. Fair trade.

Danica S. Benson
 I guess since I am new here, there is a period of let's get to know each other before we declare friendship. I sat down to ponder this on the stoop of my front door and to see how much damage I had done to my hide when I looked over to see a white preying mantis looking at me. I leaned in to get a closer look and the darndest thing was that it leaned in to look at me closer as well. So I decided to speak to it and express my thanks for returning an hour and a half of my time a day by sending me someone who could show me that I hadn't screwed up the system after all. More Huzzah! It sat there tilting and nodding it's head as though it were really listening. Yes, I do think that this white preying mantis was not as it appeared. The Celts often told stories of white faery creatures, so it is not too far off to think that this white preying mantis was indeed from that realm.

I have seen the 'footprints' of faeries all over this house. When I asked the Star Goddess to help me find the perfect home for me and my family to live in, I guess she figured that it had better be acceptable to faeries or already have them living here. I suspect that they have been here for quite a long time. The landscaping here is a bit on the wild side with things growing into each other. I have also learned that before trimming something I had better make some sort of declaration that I am not cutting the whole plant down and just doing healthy maintenance. I trimmed the dead vines off the jasmine plant in the back and I was received by hordes of flying things bombarding my face until I told them I was just cutting off the dead parts. The angry horde of buzzing immediately went away. Yup, I think there is a whole clan of trooping faeries in and around my house and I do feel as though I am being carefully observed.

So everyone, in the name of magic, faeries, knowing and believing, raise your left hand and repeat after me. . . aloud please. . . " I am going to go find the goddamn faeries!"

Now get up and search for enchantment in your modern world. I promise, it is all around you, waiting for you to become sharper.


  1. This just became my very favoritest (I know, not a real word but I don't care ;OP ) of your posts.
    I don't comment often but I do so love following/reading your blog.
    *left hand raised*

  2. Hahahaha! I currently have little demons running around my apartment as I prepare to move this weekend (and no, I don't mean the cat). I really hope my new place has friendly things living either in it or the lovely courtyard that my new apartment looks out onto.

  3. @Foxy: well if they are not already there you can most certainly attract them with happy little offerings like milk and honey, out here in the dead of the heated summer I leave a bowl of water on my fairy stone. It is after all the most precious substance out here. Blessings and good luck moving! I am still buried in boxes myself. lol

    @ Sarah and Stacy: Aww thank you. . . did you say it outloud???? ;)

  4. It certainly doesn't hurt to talk to them as if they are there! I very much enjoyed Signe's book.

  5. *left hand proudly raised* and spoken in my OUTSIDE voice!

    LOVE your Blog...

  6. Left Hand Raised! :) I had so many faeries around my property in Minnesota. I left faery sugar for them in the herb garden and little treats by a large dead tree. I even had a faery garden equipment with an adorable handmade fae house a friend bought me at an arts and crafts fair. I can't see them here in florida, so my hand is raised and I'm gonna go looking for the god damn faeries. hahaha :)

  7. Oh I just love to read your blog...I want faeries!

  8. I've been wanting to read this book!

  9. I've fallen in love with this book too. Signe is a fanastic writer, and her story has continued to have a profound effect on me since I read the book a couple of months ago.