Monday, April 23, 2012

Rise a fiery bird.

Spring here in the Valley of the Sun is officially over. We had two weeks of it as usual and then the heat came on. How appropriate it is that I am still working with fire and looking forward to the Guardian of Water. The truth about the Summers here is that once it hits 100 degrees, it doesn't matter what the and something is (unless you are vying for bragging rights). We all groan, head indoors for most of the day with our frozen delectables and become the mole people. Not even the shade and darkness of the night brings respite from the brutality known as Az

Once you get over the heat and burning, you begin to notice the succulence of life out here. Water becomes a central occupying thought. The smartly designed landscape is revolves around water conservation and maximum retention. People carry water with them in abundance and wear hats to shield their heads and eyes from the blazing sun. However, at night, you find yourself venturing out to look into the dark sky with a cool drink. You sort of feel like the Phoenix after the burning has died and rise from the ashes the day has made of you.

Fire, I have been discovering in full context, is more than heat and burning. It is also about the central nervous system and its electrical impulse. The energy of life. The Guardian of Fire for the last two weeks has been guiding me through what He calls a tune up. There were some rough spots during this period where everything acted up and without a certain friend to readjust the hard structure in my body, I think I may have been oarless in a creek call Shite.

After one of these readjustments, I came home to meditate so I could get the rest of my day in gear. I began with the regular grounding regiment and had a very amazing moment. The floor seemed to disappear beneath me as my cord dropped further into the earth and I could see everything beneath me. It was as if the spot I was sitting on suddenly became transparent clear down to the core of Gaia's beating heart. I saw my cord connect and felt my third eye shift upward toward the sky. Above me was also the same type of vision. I could see the layers of the atmosphere separate into the darkness of space as the crown chakra opened and accepted the energy of the universe. I felt like I was floating in the center betwixt heaven and earth. I felt like the only things keeping me in place were my cord and the energy from above flowing into me. This was not just grounding, this was center.

I suppose this experience was a long time coming. I did ask for help finding a new balance since I moved from apartment to house. As it turns out this process has been a long and slow one because, if I recall right, I began it shortly after Yule and here we are now in April and it's still happening. Turns out this process is a deep and lengthy working that has kept me and will continue to keep me busy. I suppose that the timing of this is important. I know that if you try to rush through these things and make it move faster you could not only miss things but you could intensify the energy intake to a dangerous point. I am glad that this is moving at a slow rate: one Guardian a month seems to be just the right speed for me right now, at least until I clear out the ook and gook.

With Water on the horizon, I find myself looking ahead on occasion. The summer heat is on, but I know that I need to focus on the burning and heat right now and wrap it up properly so that when water does move in I am ready to ride that wave. There is a phrase from one of the Dune books that very smartly describes the art of balance: " Balance is feeling the wave beneath you."

Before I get on my Big Feri Surf Board, I had better have all my senses clearly about me. So patiently I will endure the burning plasma whirlpool that is Fire, gather my ashes and rise a fiery bird in the desert sun.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Post apocalyptic romance???

I was in the bookstore the other day trolling around poking in all the corners including the teen section to get some ideas and feed back from my kids about what kind of stories they want to be reading over the impending summer vacation. I began to notice something that was pinpointed to me a few days earlier when my daughter brought home her book order form.

The younger generation seems to be preoccupied with a post apocalyptic mind set. They seem to feel that everything is falling apart in a manner that is irreparable and certain to lead to only decay and rot for the future. So much so do they resonate with this thought form that it is actually a marketing tool for budding and veteran authors. My daughter's book order form actually had a section called post apocalyptic romance! My eldest, who has no idea what he wants to do with himself after school, has a definite Zombie Apocalypse survival plan that makes FEMA look like a jr. bake sale organizer.

My Father and I were having a conversation that discussed similar things. The point sort of circled around and whacked me on the head like a rude face palm moment. He was explaining to me that a lot of what we are witnessing with these sort of attitude with our younger generation is that they feel that our generation and the one before us has lost the moral authority to lead. Therefore, they must make their way through the ruins we have left them and make their own rules to survive the future we have cultivated for them. I can't say that I think that he is wrong.

Just in the last decade we have proven this to them. All we have to do is point out two events: Katrina and BP oil disaster. I am sure that we can list many more as we roll back through a decade or so. Those events alone are enough to get both my elder children all sorts of foaming at the mouth mad. While the entire generation is not to blame for the whole bad apple case, but like they say it only takes one bad apple to make the whole barrel rotten.

On the upside of all of this doom and gloom that our children seem to be slathering all over their brain cells (yes there is actually an upside) They see hope that balance can be restored. Why else would they be interested in post apocalyptic romance stories??? The other part of that upswing is that they are making plans on how to survive disasters regardless if it's a Zombie Apocalypse or a devastating natural event. They are planning to become leaders and healers. I find that comforting even if it is born out of a preoccupation with impending doom. Another upside is that our kids are reading, even if it is found in the post apocalyptic romance section. I think the Harry Potter stories have given them the spine and where with all to tackle these things boldly with a positive mindset  and believe that they can emerge victorious.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The stress monster and Mrs.O

The busy season is on top of me and to boot we are all in the grips of silly season. I have numerous birthdays in the family and friend circles that are all heaped into a couple of months, school meetings for things like IEP's,Mr. O is getting the final details of Comicon firmed up and things will only get busier from there for him, all the kids seem to have spring fever, and I am not a super hero. Nor will I pretend to be so I have taken a much needed break and spent a bit of time on me.( I know gasp!) Trust me it was very much needed. Needless to say, with all this activity swirling around me and my hearth, the stress monster decided to come out and play. Since I have a horrible penchant of not playing well with others, I decided that last week would be a good one to beat the stress monster to a bloody pulp and send it home weeping pathetically for mommy. I used my good ol reliable stick: meditation. When good ol reliable didn't do the trick, I called upon the services of a friend for some massage. We had to go for three's a charm type of technique because wow, Mrs. O was a train wreck! My back and tailbone are now in the right position and I have made the full realization of just how much of an energy sucker being in constant pain is. Granted I feel like I am much better now, but I know that I should probably not sign up for a marathon. So one step at a time and hopefully larger than baby steps. . . Yes I am ambitious. As it stands right now I think the score looks something like this: Stress monster:2 Mrs. O:1 I think that as improve my stress monster catch and release program the Odds will be more in my favor, but only time will tell. I also think the more work I do on my story and other writings the stress monster will get bored and have less fun with me ( funny side note: my auto correct thinks that FU should be a word that replaces fun o_O)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Keep strong the wind horse especially in adversity

I was asked an interesting question by one of my guardians the other day and it made me do more thinking. The question was: at what point do the outside faiths make you focus on their beliefs more than you are paying attention to your own faith and experiences within it? In the most recent past, mostly due to silly season, there has been a great deal of attention given to those on the outside of my faith because of actions they have taken against the pagans in general. I further examined this and began to wonder if this is an intentional move on their part to put other faiths on the defensive to get them to pay more attention to them by distrating the practioner of those faiths from practicing or if it is just an accidental side effect of the attack? If it is intentional, it would indeed be a sly thing. Rattle enough cages and swords to weaken the faith of the others so that victory is easier to achieve. Like they say: all is fair in love and war. Mistake not, they ( fundamentalists) have declared spiritual warfare upon all that is not like them. The point my guardian was making was not to say that it isn't important to defend your human rights, but that we are not alone in this and to keep the link between yourself and spirit strong inspite of all the rattle. Yes, defend yourself and your rights to practice your faith. Yes they want you to feel isolated and alone in the matter and therefore don't matter. However, do not give in to that tactic. Know that you are not alone. It is not your sword alone that they will face should they come after you and yours. Every pagan should know this. They are not alone in this matter. Not only are other pagans answering the call, the spirits themselves will answer your call of personal distress and lend you their strength and courage. In order to do this you must cut out the rattle deliberately, cut out a peice of time to reaffirm your connection with them and, as the Asian Shamans say, keep your wind horse strong. A perfect example of this example would be when the Haitians over threw their oppressors it is said in their lore that the Orishas rode them into battle to victory. We may not be facing an actual blood spilling battle, but it is a battle none the less to keep the secular government we were entrusted with by our founders. Even as is it true that there are those who are right now attempting to make laws based upon their religious convictions (to which they are entitled to), and it is important to remind them that the Constitution prohibits the jamming of any religion down your throat religion from dictating law, it is even more important to keep your personal faith and connections to the divine nurtured and strong as we face these challenges together. I was prompted to talk about this because of not just a question my guardian asked me, but a question from a friend on line. She asked how many pagans study the bible so that they can make a strong argument against it. While I am not averted from studying other religions, in fact I am fascinated my many of their commonalities, I am not certain that studying it as though it were a weapon is what is needed. One of the things I have noticed about most fundamentalists is that they are SOOO sure that their understanding of the Bible is rock solid and infallible and to argue with them about it is just plain insanity and a waste of breath. They will never listen to you. Not one word, not one syllable not one point can be made to them. In their eyes, not matter what you say, you are wrong or making fun of them. For me this question can only be answered as such: while I will continue to stand with those who wish to preserve the secular nature of our nation, I will not study the sacred texts of other religious beliefs as though it is a weapon against them. What that means is that I will pick up the Bible, the Quaran, the Bagahvadgita, the Book of Mormon, the Torah etc. But I will be seeking enlightenment that can help me understand my own path and how it relates to those who are not on it with me. It helps me to understand and frame statements made by others from this paths. I think that Holy Texts should be treated with respect and read in peace. We have enough people out there who are of those respective beliefs wielding their books as weapons by taking what it says out of context to make it mean what they want it to mean. It is causing great harm. You want an example? Ok. Let's take the story of Sodom and Gommorah. There are those who are using that section of the Bible to point out that God hates the homosexuals and that's why the cities were destroyed. No, if you do some history and cultural homework while you are reading this part of the Bible you begin to understand that in the Jewish faith, hospitality is a mandate. To ignore this mandate is considered to be an insult to God and all the gifts he has bestowed upon you and yours. The cities of Sodom and Gommorah passed a mandate to provide no hospitality to any stranger out of fear of being robbed of their wealth. When Lott welcomed the strangers into his home and gave them hospitality, there came to the door an angry mob of people who wanted to cause his guests harm. He did not stand aside and as it turned out, his guests were angels in disguise. Sodom and Gommorah were not destroyed by God because He hates the homosexuals. In this context, Sodom and Gommorah was destroyed because the people of those cities renounced His mandate to provide hospitality. Anyone can misuse their own Sacred Text and bend it to their desires. I don't wish to participate in that sort of wicked game. Apparently, I have my own wicked game to pay attention to (insert dripping sarcasm here.) I do believe that it is important to have an awareness of other sacred texts and religious beliefs, but it is very important that while you are seeking understanding of these faiths that your own faith must continue to be nurtured and strengthened. It is easy to get wrapped up in someone else's beliefs, especially when you come under attack because of those beliefs. For me, the words of my guardian struck home: your strength is in the practice of your faith and together we can overcome the obstacles put before you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Key of the Element of Air and internal affairs

I realize that I have been rather silent this last week. Mercury seems to have been doing his thing with the backward dance and I have turned inward instead of allowing my communications to become muddled and unclear. Probably a good response.

My puter is still not right and I suspect that for the next year I will be limping around on what ever other options I have at my disposal. What ever it is that happened to my puter will not stop me form blogging and so forth, however I may be pictureless on this blog for a while seeing as how that putting a picture here with the iPad seems to not be an option.

This last week has been rather interesting craftwise. I have been working with  the Elemental Guardian of Air and I will be working more closely with all of them seeing as how I will be introducing a student to them. I am creating elemental viridarium vessels from things that come out of my own plot. I don't know where this road will lead me, but I do know that it has created a stronger bond between myself and my garden and land ( as small a plot it is it's still my plot.)

I still feel the strong pull of Mercury toward silence. I know he's not done with his backward dance but I just can't do the whole not blog about something right now. Everytime I think I know what I want to say I get shut down, so here I am talking about being repeatedly shut down.  I don't even really have any "curse you Mercury Retrograde" feelings about that I just feel compelled to turn inward and sort out internal issues. I am hoping that when things finally go back to it's normal motions, that the internal motion allows itself to be expressed in a manner that doesn't sound like pent up spew.

I have been quietly going through my notes and writing about my experiences with "key talking" and since Mercury has gone off and danced wildly backward I decided now would be a good time to work with that and when things go the other direction I will still have time to work the outer affairs position as well. Yes, I have pulled out the old school pen and notebook for this since my puter has revolted against me. I forgive it, it is old and cranky and for, almost 10 years, served me well.

I hope than when I put all my notes and experience into one place I can edit it, I can do as I was asked: share.

While working with the Key postion of the Internal sort in the Air section of the compass rose, I notice that I have been sorting through my thoughts as things come up around me. I am noticing things like dichotomies and paradoxes and even a bit of that old time favorite: hypocrisies. I think we all have a bit of that going on within ourselves, but I think we feel more comfortable ignoring that fact and march on with our silly selves. I can tell you that they are uncomfortable once found, but work of this sort is not supposed to be comfortable. It's about stretching and challenging yourself to be stronger and honest with yourself about who you are. How I will address these things that have been highlighted is still in question, but at least I am clear on what I think about these things and how I feel about them. Maybe some of those things that were brought up will never be expressed and I am okay with that, but I guarantee it will affect how I handle things in the world of outer affairs. Hopefully, in a positive manner.