Monday, April 11, 2011

Omens Associated With The Human Body

There are many ways of reading the signs around you as to what is going on in your section of the Universe.  What I find interesting is how often we ignore what is being told to us by our own person! So here's a little list of the most commonly listed omens in association to your body: enjoy! 
Strangely enough, to feel depressed for no apparent reason means unexpected good news!
A ringing in the right ear foresees pleasant news, a ringing in the left ear means bad news.
Itching: (Only a few)
· Crown of head: Advance in position.
· Right cheek: Someone is speaking well of you.
· Left cheek: Someone is gossiping about you!
· Right eye/eyebrow: You will meet an old friend.
· Left eye/eyebrow: Great disappointment.
· Nose (inside): Sorrow.
· Nose (outside): You will be kissed or annoyed within an hour.
· Lips: Someone is talking about you with disrespect.
· Right palm: Money gain or found.
Left palm; Money lost or spent


  1. Very cool, most of these I didnt know about. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I didn't either until I did a bit of digging :)

  3. These are cool, I've only ever read of such things in Ozark folklore before, where'd you come across this lore?

  4. My father always said if your nose itches, you'll kiss a fool! And for the palms - I had always heard the opposite (right hand for giving $ and left for receiving $) - I wonder if superstitions change in the telling or in the location of the tale?

  5. My Nana used to say (about the hand itching bit) "right to receive, left for it to leave" - so might be regional. And if your head itches all over, check for nits.

  6. I absolutely think that it is regional and since I chose ones that were in similarity to my Grandmother's sayings, I would think that these are specific to Slavic traditions.

  7. So what if your lips are itching because you just ate a lot of salty sunflower seeds?? Since your actions caused your lips to itch, did you in essence cause someone to speak disrespectfully of you?? I specifically learned in Back to the Future that it isn't wise to try and manipulate the universe....

    1. Well, one of the things I learned through practicing mudras, is that if you can shift the energy in the body to elicit a specific resonance and emotional response, then indeed, it is very possible that those salty sunflower seeds (and the eating too many of) may indeed be a trigger from your subconsciousness that points to a specific thing you are attracting. This isn't a manipulation. This is a heads up.