Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest post!

I have asked Sabrina theInkWitch if I could repost her note on facebook here and received permission to do so. I think she says it just right!

Many of us did not like the fact that Harvard saw fit to host an event of proclaimed witch hunters and anti-gay haters. However, not appreciating the event at Harvard and expressing upset towards that does not have to equate to modern day witch hysteria.
Sure no witch in his/her right mind wants to *feel* hunted or persecuted. And I’d not have those who are really do experience persecution sometimes feel as though their personal experiences don’t matter. They do.
Yet do we as witches really want to buy into pure persecution-fear-hysteria--- Again?
Holy Hecate, I hope not.
First off – I still live in America and I have rights. Yes, I can speak freely of those rights and express myself in angst for groups who speak against me, but I’m still an American and my rights are protected.  (*please note – use logic –They are free to express their beliefs, too.)
Secondly, I’d rather not cater to fear and act hysterically. To me, that only mirrors the behavior of the foaming-at-the-mouth “Suffer a witch not to live” dribble I spend time eye-rolling about. Why would I do that? I believe it’s rather silly to finger point towards a zealot group then behave as zealot myself. (dumb look) Sooooo……maybe better we don’t behave as crazies ourselves – eh? Just sayin…..
Thirdly – aren’t we witches? Being so means we do not depend on others to accomplish and fulfill our needs. Think Football- witches work on the offense not the defense. (as much as possible) Right? We take care of ourselves and take responsibility for our actions. If I cave into the hysteria and fear of what some zealot group may/may not accomplish – then in that process do I not denounce my own witchy skills? Why would I do that- cater to what they wish? Because if you don’t think zealots want to inspire fear – then you don’t understand zealots. Fear is the marrow of their bones.
So what’s a witch to do faced with a group like Seven Mountains who would see to our demise and the end of our legal rights?  Look at it realistically: Sure we don’t have to like them and yes, we can speak our opinions. But that’s really all that’s required.  If we Buy-Into hysteria then we empower them.  We give them the inspiration to pursue us further and a target to aim towards.  Are you supposed to enjoy this? No. But let’s not forget who and what we are.  Witches.
I don’t believe the Seven Mountain Silly will gain any ground against us. And even if they did and witchcraft was outlawed once again – the police would have to drag me off. Because being a witch isn’t a choice- it’s just who you are – body and soul. It’s like having dark hair or light, male or female, gay or straight……….it’s simply who you are. *shrug* So there’s no real point in getting all bent out of shape that I may someday face having to deny or hide who I am.  Won’t happen. That would be like trying to hide that I’m a female LOL.
Meanwhile, we are witches – not victims. Witches don’t cater to fear. We evoke the elements for pete’s sake.  Let that sink in…  yanno Air, Fire, Water and the power of the Earth itself?  Hello? So what handful of zealots out there completes with that? 
Not liking the event at Harvard is one thing. Buying into some hysteria that they can or will Ever DO something TO any of us is something else entirely. 
If I cannot conjure or do magical workings of protection against such crap – then I should just hang up my stripped stockings right here and now, because I’ve only been pretending. Are you pretending? Or do you know what you’re doing? Do you need more classes, more books, more workings with a mentor, a teacher? Witches don’t cater to fear. And if fear has gripped you or you’ve been told to Fear the thoughts, actions or movement of these people, I suggest you take out your cauldron, give it a polish, fill it with some sigils and let the smoke of that which burns carry your protection work out into the universe. Get busy and deal with any fear others yammering about this has generated for you.
Not liking the event – sure.  Caving to a small group of crazies who talk against our constitutional rights and letting them make you afraid? Please don’t. Go kick some protection ass and be the witch you claim to be.  So some group of zealots wants to gather and whine that witches are bad news *shrug*  I don’t know about you – but I know who I am.  I am not bad news. I’m a good person leading a good, decent life in a country where I have freedom of religion. And even if that changed, it would not matter. Because I could no more lie about what I am than I can sprout wings and fly.  So – fear? No, just can’t do it.  I’m a witch, not a victim.
Don’t be afraid – Get busy!  Witches Work! And if any of this Harvard stuff or talk of it has made you afraid – don’t go around whining “No more the Burning Times”…. Be a witch anddeal with it. Fix your business, get your chin up and go on with your life. Know who you are and do the magical workings that witches do.  
witchily yours,

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  1. Well said :) and you are absolutely right. Thank you!