Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lead Pentacle Point: Realization

I have had a few surprising visits this last week. My Oath Mother showed up to let me know that she didn't really want to expand our Feri Group and she want to ascertain whether or not I was ready to teach solo. I have been initiated a year. . . I am in no position to teach solo. I thought I was a few months back, but I came to realize as things rolled in that I am not.

There are those who have taught right out of the gate and have done a fine job of it. I, however, have things still flooding in from guides, from Fae friends, from the "P"people ( I'll explain in a bit), from the Gods themselves. I have have even had things roll in from the departed Grandmasters of the tradition. Needless to say, teaching solo? No room on my plate to do so and hope to do a good job. I have even had to pull out of the community goings on so I can focus on what is going on with me. I can't hope to serve the family well if I can't take time to do the work asked of me.

The second interesting visit was not so much a physical visit as a phone call. My Mother had called to let me know she had found some information from the Pleiadian's about an odd marking that showed up on my body years ago. It was an odd mark. There was really no logical explanation for its presence. Later there was another mark that showed up on a different part of my anatomy. Same profile on that marking as well. . . absolutely no discernible cause for its presence.  These marks are about a decade old now and I have to really look close to find them. They look like old scars. My Mom told me what she had found and suddenly my 'P ' people guide was poking at me to pick up a book I have. I randomly flipped open the book and received the message I was supposed to hear. That was neat.

While working with the 'P' people I have heard about over and over two different classes. Light Worker and warrior. Well I am equipped for light work, I can carry the frequency, but the longer and further I went into my Feri training, the more I realized: I am not a light worker. I must be something else. I don't know what; I sense many different hands stirring the cauldron here, Gods, Fae and Celestial Beings alike. . .

There was a third "visitation" from someone studying in the Feri community. She made the statement that large things were shifting and there were things that needed to be talked about and that I must add my voice to the mix. She expressed concern that the community was falling apart and splitting, which may indeed appear to be so. Most things in transition do. She later expressed an amount of anger because I refused to roll up my sleeves and be a team player. 

The truth is, a community is much larger than the ones who "roll up their sleeves to do the work"  at the center of the community. There are many jobs that don't even get recognized until they are not done. Not every member of the community is going to want to be on a list. Not every member of the community is going to share every piece of lore and magic they have with the whole community. . . It may be inappropriate to do so. Not every member of the community is going to feel comfortable walking at the center of the community. . . there are those who feel more comfortable at the fringes and edges. Not every member of the community will communicate exclusively with with traditional divinities, beings and guides. . . some may have cross pollinated and that is fantastic. It makes for a greater diversity and understanding. Not every member of the community is going to want to handle and sort out the drama no matter how important it may seem.

 Each of these members have figured out their place in the community. There's even a point on the Lead pentacle that speaks about this: realization. Each of these members are just as vital and valuable to the community as the one who gets in the drama and rolls up their sleeves to 'do the work.' You may find yourself surprised by how much you can't accomplish with out them.

Am I a roll up your sleeves girl? Yup. Can I get a job done? Yup? Am I a get in the middle of a Drama Girl??? Nope. . .  got too much to do. I'll leave the Drama for drama queens and diplomats to sort through. Do I feel bad about saying no to diving back into the tangle? Not any more. It's not my place.

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