Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Megaphone Lips!

I read a very well written article about how elder women are devalued.

I'd like to refute.

I think when we look at this subject we have a tendency to paint with a very broad brush. Yes there are those who hold this view and speak it with their lips grafted to a megaphone. Does it make it true??? No. What spurred the author to write this article was Rush Limbaugh speaking about Hillary Clinton and asking the question: does America want to watch a woman grow old before their eyes??? Why not? We are watching a man grow old before our eyes. What makes men think that watching a woman grow old is harder than a woman watching a man grow old? It isn't. It is the same thing.

What is going on here is an attack, not on women in general, it is a specifically aimed at Hillary because she IS powerful. I don't consider what Rush said to be a " masterful stroke of the mouth" It's very revealing of his own prejudices and internal issues. It is the only thing this man could come up with when confronted with feminine power. Lame, lame indeed. Imagine what sputtering stutters will pour from his mouth when he is confronted with a real crone. That could be amusing.

The very simple truth of this phenomenon is regardless of who you are, your race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs. . . there will always be some idiot out there, sometimes with a megaphone, spewing disempowering crap about you and your 'kind.' What is really going on is that they are revealing their own fears. Most of the time they don't even speak for a majority. They are just loud and angering. That is sort of the point as well. They gain power with your anger. Don't give'm the time of day. Smile and walk away.

Now to the real point:

I am surrounded by men who are in awe of the women in their lives. They are in awe of their daughters, their girlfriends and wives, their aunts, sisters,  their mothers and grandmothers. I am raising two sons who, I hope, will have the same love and respect for women as these men. I know other women who are surrounded by men who are in awe of the women in their lives. I know that I am not unique in this area. Those women know other women who are surrounded by awestruck men. Do not be discouraged by the angry men with megaphones grafted to their lips spewing their fears for all to peruse. They speak not the truth; they do not know it. Do not allow yourself to become infected by their fear. They want you to believe this is the truth. It is not. All you need to do is look around in your immediate life and see what is there. That is your truth and if you don't like it, you can change it.

Are their men out there who are genuine swine bags? ABSOLUTELY. 

That is what witchcraft is for.



( can you hear the crone cackle??? I can! )

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