Monday, December 13, 2010

Just thinking out loud . . .

As most of us have heard, the Holy Whitethorn at Glastonbury has been chopped down. At this point in time the theory on motives for it seem to revenge upon the landowner. Fortunately, it appears that the tree was cut in a manner that she will grow back. Either this person knew what s/he was doing or got very lucky.

The joke I suppose, if you could call it that, would ultimately be upon the perpetrator of this act as there hefty price to be exacted. According to locals, and seeing as how I am not even a UK citizen so I must take their word for it, a farmer once cut a Whitethorn down to get rid of gawkers who kept tramping on his land. He fell off his tractor, broke his leg and his barn burned down. Another tale of such an event states that the cutting caused the animals and people to go barren until the tree was replaced.

I'm quite content to let this person pay the price for his act. I am sure it will be coming, however I do wonder why a person with a grievance such as his would risk the wrath of the fae. It is very possible that this person has no clue the reality of said act. If this person had a real reason to be as angry as this why would he take his anger out on a tree? Seems silly to me.

Now to play devil's advocate: is it possible that this person actually knew what s/he was doing and made proper entreaties and offerings to the fae in tree? If so, did the fae agree to allow the chopping? I can't really imagine that the fae would agree, as they have no interest in human issues, so I guess the curse still stands. The other thing that comes to mind is this: is it possible this individual thought the wrong doings of the landowner went improperly punished that s/he was willing to call upon the wrath of the fae not only on hirself but the land owner as well?

We will most likely never know who cut the Whitethorn down. We will most likely know whether or not the fae  have had there way with this individual. We may not ever really know the motives of this attack upon the Holy Thorn. What I do know is that come spring she will sprout again and start anew as long as her crown has been undamaged.

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