Monday, July 25, 2011

School day magic.

As most of you have heard, my children have their first day of classes today. After all the buzz about the first day of school and all the preparations that go into it, magic is certainly not left out of the picture.  A few years ago, I decided to start making my children charms to aide them on their academic path. I have seen improvement in both of their performances because of this. Last year my children started carrying pocket charms ( which I occasionally find in the washer) so I decided instead of adding to the things in their pockets I would take advantage of what they were already carry about with them.

I rounded up their charms and laid them out on my altar. They had to have known what I was up to because both children surrendered their charms with out question. Miss B. even sounded excited to be carrying around something that had been blessed and charged by Mom.

This year I called upon Tristan to aid them with their studies. This last February I met both him and Isolde and found them to be much more than the legends describe. I quite like the both of them and they have been very generous with their guidance in my own crafts. Tristan himself was an excellent student and a skilled man on and off the battle field and as we know the school yard can, on occasion, be a battlefield. He was in my eyes a perfect choice to guide my children through their school day and studies. I dug out his oil, lit the candles, got the incense offering smoldering, called in the Goddess Brigit and called to Tristan to hear my request.

As I sat to listen for an answer, I felt a strong hand over mine as I charged the charms and knew that Tristan had taken up my cause! I know that my children will have a great guide in Tristan while I am not able to watch over them myself. I am so glad that I grabbed the rope and agreed to work with him and his beloved Isolde! ( the Nain is still a bit scary, but I am working on that. She's a wily old creature with plans of her own.)


  1. May your children be guided, guarded and led on all the right paths throughout the school-year! Blessings!

  2. The first day of school was always my favorite! I never thought to call on Tristan as a educational sprit guide. I will have to ask him for help next time I have to study for some thing. He sounds like a great tutor! Hope your Kid-os have a great school year!

  3. Very interesting. Hope you all have a great school year!