Monday, July 18, 2011

A morning's gift. . .

Living in the urban world, gifts from the wild look a little different. A feather here and there, a visit from a feral cat to drink from the offering bowl of water left out, but today it was the shed skin of a preying mantis. A sign of sorts, I am guessing. An answer to an internal question: let go, let the thought form shift a bit to grow and accomplish what you set out to do and be. I don't have to complete let go of the thought form, as the preying mantis is still the same shape and coloring, it is merely a tad larger than it used to be.

Life is something that continually goes on through small changes that often time goes unnoticed. Today all of the plants in my yard are just a little larger, the grass a little taller, the sun's rays a little shorter in reach. The thought form hasn't changed. . . just shifted with the tide. I think that I, as well as every other human, cling to a thought form and expect it to remain the same, unaware that as life marches on, that it is outmoded and needs to be shifted in order to fit into the way life is moving through you. I am saving this little husk for a working that I am sure will be coming about, but first there is a conversation that needs happening and I prefer it to happen in person so I can see the nuances of her words in her eyes as she speaks. That can't happen until September, but I have feeling that this will be worth the wait.

Other interesting things had popped into mind as I was studying this shell. Preying manits is the guardian of the plant world. It feeds on the pests of vegetation. . . things that grow from the earth benefit from the presence of this creature. Mating habits are a bit brutal, but it seems to be the order of this creature's being. I am certain there is a reason for this that remains veiled to humanity. In the order of my own question: the gift makes sense. . . I need to process the information a bit more, but it's sort of like dinner, you can eat it and enjoys its flavor but the process has only begun. . . there are so many miles to go before the real benefits of the meal emerge.

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  1. I love how open you are to the wonder and gifts of your environment no matter where they may be found. This is a lesson I take much to heart and is an inspiration for improvement in my own spiritual practice.