Friday, July 22, 2011

Prayers, contemplation and solutions

My deepest condolences go out to Norway's people. May those who have been touched by this tragedy be comforted by each other and the divine. May real answers be found and employed.

I have actually spent a good part of my afternoon in prayer and contemplation upon Norway's tragedy. Symptoms of enclosure have struck again. It is heartbreaking when these things occur. We can expect them to continue to occur because we are merely putting BandAides on on a sucking chest wound. We are being consistently pointed in the wrong directions probably on purpose by our governments. I say probably on purpose because, at least here in the states, our government understands the consequences of allowing a frontier to open: We make our own way through the wilderness, demand representation when taxes are levyed and the goods appropriated for 'official use only' and exportation, finally get ticked off at their antics and kick their collective butts when they decide they are gonna enforce their crap. Then comes what the official government considers to be insult to injury: people start demanding independence! Independence is expensive in more ways than just loosing a base of people to control. They actually have to start paying fair wages and treating people fairly and well or they leave. Independence is very expensive for those who wish to rule indeed. . . literally.

The world's governments would have us believe that there is only one solution. When in fact, there is only one solution that is acceptable to them and will allow them to keep their hold on power. They keep pushing the green movement and sustainable living answer like it's going to answer all of our problems. It's not the full answer. It is only half an answer and this is not a quiz where we will get half points for half correct answers. We either get it right or we doom ourselves to extinction. Here's another solution. I am sure there are others. This is not something that has only one aspect to the solution and anyone who says that is either selling you something or desires to rule you.

I have spoken to God Herself many times about this subject and Her answer was always the same: You have been given the tools. I expect you to use them!

It is my deepest, heartfelt sorrow that we see such terrible acts inflicted upon anyone. I hope that we all take time to think about how we can contribute to genuine solutions and not revenge. I hope that we can all grow together and truly heal.


for further reading: Survivors From Earth By Laurence Winn.


  1. The "solution" article link reminds me of Octavia Butler's novel "The Parable of the Sower". (Amazon link: )

  2. Wonderful post as always. I too have always believed that god is a she, contrary to popular belief. :o)

  3. Bellamagic: wow that looks to be a good read thank you for the introduction to what looks to be a wonderful reader/ author relationship ( she writes: I read)

    NeverTooOld: You are overindulgent with your praise! Thank you ;) please do continue.

  4. How I adore your blogs, Nalaya! Keep writing!

  5. I'm not as ambitious as you are to write a blog, but you think quite a bit like myself.

    Peace and wonder