Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beautifully broken

Windows to my backyard
I watched The Rite last night. It was much more than an illustration of the becoming of an exorcist. It was a dialogue on faith. Not just the Catholic faith, but faith in general and the power derived from it. Many of us walk through this world saying we believe in something. We say the words, make the hand motions, kneel, wand wave, and bow, but does it bring tears to your eyes involuntarily when you feel the hand of divinity move within you?

The discussion being had was also not just about faith in the divine, but in yourself to hear it, move with it and carry it. I know that at certain points in my life I felt as though I were too broken a being to be worthy of divinity speaking to me or through me to another person. Why would the Gods speak to such a broken hot mess?

My house had an answer for me. We are not broken. We are deliberately and artfully cut and shaped. Like a jewel, a prism or windows. We are but vessels for light to shine through. And when the right angle is hit with light, a myriad of colors are cast out into the world. It is beautiful to look upon and so are you even if you think you are broken. That is why the Gods speak to and through you. You may never see the lights you reflect, but trust me, you are beautiful even if you think you are broken.


  1. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing such wisdom!

  2. That was beautiful. It made me tear up and I had my chest...hard to describe.

  3. p.s. the verification word was "nonsit," something I need to do...get up & go!

  4. Beautifully said! I wanted to rent this last night and found your words very touching.

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