Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I suppose we shall see. . .

Mr. Oddly and I have weeded through our lives in this process of moving. Thrown things out, preserved precious memories pulled old the roots of stagnation with this whole sacred deconstruction.  Literally I have pulled my life off the walls and out of corners to look at all of it. We looked at all the stuff and decided upon what we were going to keep, what we were throwing out, what we were giving away and why.

What ended up coming into the house with us has not gone back into the comfortable patterns we had already set up at the apartment. We were able to look at our things on a new palate and a better understanding of its purpose. We recast the roles of our objects. We are able to set up defined energy patterns in this space as opposed to having to make do with the space we have and mash everything together and hope for the best. I never really realized how confined I was. . . or  even was I aware that I was allowing my space to define me instead of me defining my space.

I have a feeling that new things are definitely on the horizon for me as far as the craft. The space in my life is opening up for it to happen. I think that I will have to sit and meditate on where I wish to steer my chariot. I pulled out my Grandmother's deck and threw some cards a bit ago. The card that indicates quests and journeys showed up. You know the one when you see it. The one where there is a cloaked man leaning on a staff looking out toward the horizon. His back is generally turned to you. It does indeed look like a lonely card, but most of our significant journeys and discoveries in life are made on this path by yourself.

Only you can make that journey . . . only you can extrapolate meaning from your experiences. The key lies in the emotional response and your response to your emotional ebb and flow. I have no idea what the horizon will bring me when I greet it, but I hope I choose not to allow myself to be defined by anyone or thing other than myself. I hope I handle the emotions that get poured into me with grace. I hope that I am a wise enough cunning folk to handle the reigns. I suppose we shall see.


  1. Change is good, it gives a new insight and lends to new perspectives. In our first 10 years of marriage we'd moved 12 times. None felt like a home. Now after 21 years here in present home everything feels right. Yours will come together, you will enjoy. Thanks for the read as is always enjoyed.