Monday, June 6, 2011

A sacred deconstruction

I am slowly tearing down my home and putting it into boxes. I am having a wide range of emotions as I do so. I am very excited about buying a house. It's going to be a great thing on many different levels for everyone in our household including the faeries who choose to live with me. Right now they are all up in arms about their nests being jostled, but they seem to understand that this is going to be a great thing when we finally get everything resettled.

My living room and house in general has become a labyrinth of boxes that we are learning to weave around and it only grows taller as we pull shelves, books and piles of my husband's scripts and notes out. The kids however are in a land of a thousand toys right now. Including one Mr. Box that they have drawn faces on. Currently, Mr. Box is starring in their own series of videos that they have been creating with the little camera my daughter got for her birthday.

I have been quietly listening to the Gods as I get ready for my shift on this next eclipse. I know that things will surely be in disarray as it rolls in. I am trying to catch the energetic tides from all angles on this shift I know that I will be needing the extra energy, but who knew that at the time the universe was shifting things here in this plane that I would literally swept up in it? I am finding things that have been long lost and finding things that should have been long let go. I am rediscovering characters I am writing about their voices and their world is re enveloping me in the ideas of what it is to become part of a mystery. Not just the fictional mystery they are weaving around me, but the mystery that I myself walked into when I agreed to become an initiate.

As much as I feel that I am weaving my own tapestry, I feel the hands and hear the voices of the Gods guiding me and giving me ideas on how to make things I desire manifest. It is told in my tradition that the Prime Creatrix manifested everything She created out of divine love. She has nudged me out into the world to create things out of my own love for what I do, for my family and has shown me that there are many wonders to behold. As the eclipse rolls in, even as the state of my household will be in chaos, I know that there is a sacred deconstruction going on. I will be deciding what is love and what is fear and releasing or keeping those things in accordance to the ideals of divine love. The mystery unfolds around me and I am in awe of the transformative power of it.


  1. Sacred deconstruction! What a lovely way to think of it!

  2. Wonderful post as usual! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.