Monday, June 20, 2011

Cats in walls, broken water valves, box names oh my!

It must be Monday!

The other night when I went over to the house to check on things, I saw a white blur through the back door.  I wasn't entirely sure what it was I saw, but tonight my hubby saw it. It is a white kitty that has been left behind, most likely because it slipped into the walls to hide during the madness of moving. It entered the wall where the refrigerator use to be. Now tonight, I have to go over and try to lure it out before the new refrigerator gets there. I have already been told I can't keep it. So, I have to find a home for the little one once I get it out of the walls. I am hoping for someone who wants a kitty to love on.

I spent most of today waiting for someone to fix the valve that lets water to enter the house. It broke in the off position this morning while I was out putzing around with it. So, none of the work I planned on getting done got done until after two in the afternoon. Well, at least it held up so I could deliver water to the plants. And Yup! I'm blaming Neptune and his crazy backward dance for that. Ok maybe the rusty valve had a role to play. . .

As crazy as any transitional period gets, I am laughing my way through it because I know that if I loose my cool or freak out I may miss something important or very cool. Our boxes are labeled with weird titles like: supernatural artifacts: do not taunt box, frightening things from the abyss and random weirdnesses from the closet monster. By the way, we are never gonna find our stuff when we need it. We may just continue the trend with a new box called " shoot her. . . " a quote from Jurassic Park. It actually has one of my son's toy dinosaurs that roars every time you move the box. Should be fun!

I have no idea what to make of the kitty situation. I am sure the owner is distraught at leaving her kitty, at least I am hoping she is. We contacted our realtor about the situation. I am hoping that when we get little kitty, out its mama is gonna want it back. In the mean time, I hope Bast is with me tonight when I go over to get the poor thing out.

Any ideas on cat lore and houses????

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