Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interesting door numbers

13th Sky Fine Art Photography
I can hear my inner voice repeating the same words today: Oak, doorways, mysteries, go.

I have been giving some thought to curiosities about the places I have lived here in Az. When I first moved back from Wisconsin after Miss B was born, our apartment number was 1013. . . any X file fans out there? And yes, my life in that apartment would keep the X files burgeoning. Interestingly, this particular apartment in the complex was not listed on the directory and therefore our pizza was always late.

We later moved into a three bedroom apartment across town. It was an upstairs apartment with a balcony that faced a major surface street. Yes it was very loud and busy. There were car crashes at that intersection on a regular basis and I think I saw them all. There were several times when random women showed up on the doorstep, some of them with small children, seeking the use of my phone and temporary refuge from abusive partners. The police would show up and take notes while I brewed tea in the kitchen. I even had a brush with a man who would later be called the Baseline Killer while living here. ( but that's another story) The number on this apartment was 2072. 2+0+7+2=11. The number eleven is a gate way. . . even looks like it. During this period every time I turned around 11:11 showed up! Drove me crazy!

The place I am in now is the universe once again chuckling. 1076, simply another variation of 1013. This time it's not the cool hidden home like Grimmauld place in Harry Potter, but for what ever reason. . . people still can't find it. And once again this is the X-file place with more of a lean on the Harry Potter business.

The home that we are buying, it's numerology adds up to six. In accordance to the reading of playing cards, 6's are about the path that the querent will walk. So, if I am to look at the pattern of the energies of the places I have lived, the pattern would be: mystery,  gateway,  mystery, walk. Is it possible that I have finally landed on the right path for me? Or is it that I have been thick headed, didn't get it before and Hecate needed a heavier club to beat me with? Or maybe, just maybe, the timing was wrong and things needed to happen before I could get to the path so I got put into a circular holding pattern until things could be properly placed. Who really knows but Her, but it is kind of interesting to observe.


  1. I so like it when others think about things in this way.

  2. Makes me think of my kids like that. My oldest was born 5-15. youngest was born 2-25. Oldest was born 5 days early, youngest was born 5 weeks. this baby is due 10-25. I like things in "round" numbers 5's and 10's LOL

  3. I like to think of numbers like this too and try and figure out the significance. I have one for you tho....every single time I look at a clock it's on the :11. Mostly 9:11, but sometimes 6:11 or 3:11. Never an even number and always multiples of 3. Isn't that strange? Its been going on for 3 years now but I still haven't come up with an answer....hmmmmm

  4. It is curious. I have lived at some interesting addresses myself. As usual, I enjoyed your blog.