Monday, June 13, 2011


Astrology is not really my forte. Not because I don't think it's relevant mind you, but simply because I was busy studying other things. I always figured I'll get to it. Well here I am getting to it and Neptune retrograde certainly has caught my attention. Not because Neptune retrograde is a bad thing, in fact there are loads of reasons to cheer for this event. Neptune retrograde caught my attention because I was trying to understand what the heck was going on with all the water issues I have seen happen since Neptune way out there in deep space started dancing backward. Neptune will be dancing backward for quite some time as well: June 3rd - November 9th!

One of the things that was pointed out to me as I was scouring the web was that the outer planets with longer solar transit patterns do not get as precise and as close to home as the inner planets like Mercury, Luna, Venus, etc. . . I think however that's the thing the fascinates me about Neptune. Neptune is literally the far of depths the mind and space. Things get stirred there and rise up like the stuff at the bottom of a cauldron that's been sitting too long. While I know at this very moment you are thinking of the horrible sludge and murk and mire of issues and other bad stuff, while you are not entirely mistaken, there are other things that sit at the bottom of our cauldrons: inspiration, creativity, inner vision; all things of great and powerful healing.

So let's get the bad news out of the way and end on a happy note here. The bad news is that you are correct in thinking that with Neptune being in retrograde bad things can surface. For the next several months it is very possible that you will have internal issues crop up and bite you in the behind. If you do not deal with them right now they will only become worse when Neptune goes direct. Thinking that you can bury it once Neptune brought it to surface will be a very large mistake. The best solution, from what I understand, is to allow a release to happen. Whether you talk about it or journal it or draw it, get it out of your system, let it go so you can resolve the issue once for all.

Neptune is also prone to making you feel paranoid and suspicious of the intentions and actions of others. He embodies the secrets and mysteries of the deep and unseen. These secrets are both wondrous and treacherous. To make things even more fun Mercury is in Gemini as Neptune does his dance AND they will square off meaning that you must be careful with your communications because it is very likely that there will be a misunderstanding that will further the paranoia and suspicious tendencies brought about by Neptune's influence. It will be very important to examine things carefully and listen to your internal voice.

Now for the good news!

Neptune in retrograde increases your natural ability to perceive the unseen world. You will now have that helping hand to see further than before or to cultivate your own skills in the divination and psychic realms of your craft. Our senses of perception are opened far wider during this period. Neptune is also related to our creative and spiritual lives. Now is a good time to reaffirm your daily, weekly, monthly rituals and creative endeavors will flourish. Watch and record your dreams. You may not see hard evidence of the work that you do right now, but when Neptune goes back to his usual forward pattern the proof will manifest and you will be glad that you took advantage of the backward motion.

For those who are encountering internal issues during this time and are seeking a bit of help, wearing or carrying a piece of black tourmaline can be of great positive influence.


  1. Thank you for the work that went into this piece. Like you, I have always put astrology on the back burner--I'm not sure why. This information puts things in perspective. Lots brewing at the bottom of my cauldron.