Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a strange, odd life I live. . .

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I thought I was going to finish up with my alraun this week. Turns out that I'm not done and he needs to be in his pot for a bit longer. When I pulled him up from the ground, I was absolutely convinced that all of the green was going to wither up and die. A little of that did happen, but the first morning after I put him in his pot he bloomed the most beautiful yellow blossom. It was like he was smiling at finally being 'put together.' It had been a long time coming. Poor guy has had to wait for three years!

He has grown into this huge plant now, greener than ever and blooming like crazy! I can feel him become stronger with every feeding and watering. Yesterday afternoon I was taken to see the Lady of the Forest by Krom while I was in meditation. I had no idea where he was taking me and he kept going deeper into this forest where the canopy finally cut off all light from the sun. Occasionally, when the wind picked up, there would be dapples of light that came down in streams. Everything was shockingly green or intensely brown. There were colors that flashed into view that I have no names for.

Fractal enlightenment
The Lady of the Forest gave me curious feeding instructions. Usually the feeding of an alruan involves milk and honey or blood. I recently obtained some Oleum of Amanita from a fellow witch ( @forestwitch) It is a very effective tool for hedge crossing; works beautifully! I've been told to rotate between the three ( blood, milk and honey and this oil) until Midsummer. Her only clue to me as to why was instructions on how to walk ley lines. She also warned me to stay away from nexus points until I get a hang of doing it. She said it was sort of like getting onto a busy freeway and can be a little tricky. So for the now, I keep my friend in his pot and stay on the 'backroads.'

When I was done speaking with the Lady of the Forest, Krom opened up a cloak that looked like feathers, but felt like fur and took me back to my familiar meadow. He flashed a wicked grin and was gone; back into his forest.

What a strange, odd life I live. I am having a great time though. . . even if I do have to deal with migraines.

I can't get the song Hunter by Pandemonaeon out of my mind! Ahhhk!


  1. Amazing where we are led or what we are taught in meditations...

  2. I think that sometimes it's the only way some of those arts that were lost are brought back.

  3. Absolutely. The knowledge hasn't gone, it has just been pushed into the unconscious with the weight of modern life. All we have to do is listen... and then do the work!

  4. I think they keep giving me work because they know I'll do it. lol I am a very busy woman.