Monday, May 2, 2011

Last night. . . .

Last night Twitter was on fire. The only thing being said at first was that the POTUS was going to make an announcement the involved national security and in spite of the uh- oh thoughts going on in my head, I didn't feel them. My hubby managed to get some information from a contact of his and then for the next hour, while tv was chatting, Twitter was talking about Osama's death. The streets began to fill with cheering people, Many of them with young faces. They were children when this began, now young adults, cheering the fall of what many of us here in the States label as the the bringer of evil doctrine. A hate so strong that it encourages, no, demands that all that is different from it must be killed.

Osama Bin Laden can very easily be called our generation's Hitler. There is a primal part of me that wants to see his body torn to pieces and his head stuck on a pike in front of the Statue of Liberty. Proof of death, as older societies would call it. Irrevocable proof that the enemy is no longer living, a warning to those who follow, what is waiting for them. Gruesome? You betcha! Uncivilized? Yup, probably. Does it work? Absolutely!

When dealing with an uncivilized enemy, civility does not work. In fact, it is foolish.

We are not done by a long shot. We still have to deal with his followers who spew the same hate. It will involve more gore and death being dealt. Do we have to hate and be angry when dealing this out? Nope. It's a lesson I learned from Archangel Micheal. You do not have to be angry or hateful to deal out what must be dealt. Yes, it is a grim task ahead, but it must be done and Osama's death is the beginning of an ending that we have all, as peace loving people, have been praying for.

So dance and cheer, but remember not to become hateful, it's what started this nightmare.

Be like Micheal. Swing your sword with all of your intention to end the madness of evil, but do not do it with anger in your heart.


  1. Lets start doing such to the monsters here in the states that choose by their own accord to hurt women and children! Let others who choose to follow in their paths see what awaits them!

    Great post!

  2. I am truly amazed at how quickly this whole thing has transpired. From last night's announcement of his death, to the just read report that he has been buried at sea to prevent martyrism. I am suspicious by nature. I was suspicious when I watched in horror that fateful day, the towers struck, then fall within themselves, as if to implode. I thot immediately, no way do structures impacted in such a fashion collapse as if under controlled demolishion. I am suspicious now, why the hurry? How so quickly? Why no pictures as with Sadam, others? Hmmmm, lends to my imagination and again concerned with the validity of these claims. I hold them suspect.

  3. Ahh yes... The good ol' Conspiracy Theorist already questions whether Osama is now shacking up with Elvis and Tupac in the "Not Really Dead But Everyone Thinks They Are" house on C Street.

  4. NeverTooOld@FireLyte:

    "Osama is now shacking up with Elvis and Tupac"

    Love it! That just cracked me up! Thanks for making my mornin' a lil more cheery!

  5. Well said, Mrs. Oddly! I'm with you on the craving for proof of death. Part of me desperately wanted Obabma to walk out to make the announcement carrying his severed head, like a victorious warrior. I see people making arguments about how senseless this is, and how it's yet another example of America being "do as we say, not as we do". I understand those arguments. I know the history of what the USA did to Osama Bin Laden to push him into being the way he was.

    But at the core of me? I thrill at the idea of some brave, strong soldier calmly dispatching a figurehead of terrorism. I strive toward being able to do the hard or scary work that needs to be done with peace and efficiency.