Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The pilfered rose. . .

A short blog to hold you over until I can etch out t he tim elater to talk about what I really want to talk about. . . and apparently, type in a straight line. I didn't anticipate on being this tired today.

Long before we applied for a house loan and had it approved, I began magic on the subject. I asked the Star Goddess to help us find an appropriate home within our budget for our family to own and call home. I went through the list of how I was going to petition Her on the subject. I scratched things out, reworded things and tried to make my petition precise so that which I asked for was precisely what we wanted. I scoured the web and my BOS for ideas on spells of property buying made  plans for the execution for said spell but when it came down to the nitty gritty of what I did, it was spur of the moment and simple.

Long before we actually got in the car and started looking at properties, I had placed my petition in what you could call a wish manifestation box and was feeding it energy on a regular basis.

We had quite a search going but there was on property that made both of us look at each other and say: this is the one! I knew it upon pulling up to the property. I felt it. There was something that just move within me in just the right manner that let me know this was indeed exactly what I had asked Her for. And the first time we pulled up to it, we could not go in. The agent did not send the code to our realtor yet. I was a bit crushed at first to say the least, but there was a reassuring hand on my shoulder and a voice that said have no fear you will get to see it. So  I relaxed and looked at a couple of unacceptable properties. We got the code after looking at three of those unacceptables. We drove up and a pair of doves we sitting on the front yard under the large mesquite. It felt like a good omen.

Going in, it was confirmed in my mind that this was indeed what we were looking for in a home and on our way out I remembered I had not gathered the material I needed for the working of property buying. Instead of buying the dirt, I pilfered a rose from the bush out front, asking permission of the bush of course, and asked the spirit that was in the house to help us move in without incident. . . so far, so good.

I guess it goes to show that even the best planned out spells can change in a heartbeat to something as simple as placing a rose in a wish box. I will talk more later about buying the dirt. . . but right now time is waaaay too short!

This Mommy has to scramble and get stuff done. . . but before I go, I wanted to give my heart felt thanks to MidnightSage for this shiny award! Thank you sweets!


  1. Oh good lords please for give the type os!

  2. Hey there, you are most welcome :) And don't EVEN worry about the type os, even tho i read my blog before i publish it, i always find some afterwards lol
    You know....i think the best spells are the ones that you do with your whole heart and soul mixed in with very strong intentions. The pilfered rose was the perfect addition to your spell. With the help of the Goddess and your strong desire, you made it happen. Completely amazing :)

  3. Sometimes those spur of the moment spells are the most powerful, because you are using your intuition and are totally focussed and 'tuned in', for want of a better phrase. And it sure worked! Well done Mrs O, well done!

  4. Congrats on the house, award, and wish you the very best!