Monday, May 16, 2011

Celebrations and help

So the Oddly family has great news! We have been house hunting for a while now and we were absolutely determined to find one that wasn't torn up and hastily ( and pooly) remodeled into a four bedroom floor plan disaster! You would not believe the nightmares we ran across in our search, some of which I am certain, were absolutely not up to code. We have been waiting for so very long to be able to purchase our first home and we were getting worried that while the market was right, we were not going to find anything in our price range that was livable.

Months later we found one. It is in a quiet neighborhood with great schools and a beautiful compromise between what hubby and I desired in a home. It's a short sale, but we'll go for it! We put in a bid about a month ago and have been sitting on pins an needles waiting for the bank to give us indication of a yea or nay. We got the news this weekend and I just about popped holding this in for so long! It's a modest home, but everything we as a family need.

WE GOT THE HOUSE! We need to close by June 24! 

In celebration I am offering 3 of my oils for $15!

Ok, I may be celebrating, but I also need your help. We have to raise money for moving expenses and appliances. As wonderful as this home is, it does not even have a stove! I think the owner had to sell appliances due to their own financial  obligations and I understand that, I'm not angry at all, but I realize that now I have to scramble to get all my financial duckies in a row! This is happening much faster than I anticipated, but I won't complain, just put my nose to the grindstone and do the best I know how to do.

I am not one to ask for help or ask for anything for free. Yes I am one of those stubborn types who tries to make her own way and earn her keep. I do realize that I am in a position where I do need help so I am asking you for the opportunity to prove my worth.

With everyone tightening their belts a notch or three, I have put together this package that will benefit everyone!

Thank you to everyone who can help us out!


  1. So pleased for you hun, well done! Wishing you health, wealth and lots of happiness in your new home xxxx

  2. Thank you sweets! we are all very excited!!!! Little man has no idea why we are jumping up and down yet, but the first time he gets to go outside in the backyard to play he's gonna be all about it!

  3. Wow!! I'm so excited for you!!! ((Hugs)) Finding just the right new home for the right price is a major challenge and I'm extremely happy for you and your family that you found one :) Don't forget to buy a new broom before you walk thru the doors of your new home. A new broom will bring luck, love and happiness.

    And....I have an award for you!! :) Come on over and pick it up