Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Anger, You are officially invited to leave.

It shouldn't be a new thing to hear me say: wow that was odd. . . it happens all the time and comes at the most unexpected moments. For example, I was stopped in a grocery store and was asked about the difference between real and imitation vanilla. That conversation went into a full out discussion on how to make your own. Later, I was approached by a Jan Brewer doppleganger who came to our table at IHOP and talked about the Native American rituals she studied and has attempted to put into modern context. Most recently, I have had amazing experiences with the Mongolian Shaman divination techniques from Sarangerel's book: Riding Windhorses. I have been practicing with the 9 coin divination and the 13's card spread. I know that's not what she calls it, but that's what it has become in my mind.

The 13's card spread begins more like a game than anything else I have seen. I have discovered that I really like that process. It feels organic and guided by something larger than myself. As the cards are gathered up sums equaling 13, the deck sifts out the cards that will not be used. You immediately can see how many options are being put on the table in regards to the question. The cards are sifted into even smaller groupings to pin point strong influences in the situation. I kept pulling up double 7's. This pairing usually refers to being blocked by anger either your own or an adversary. Well, I know exactly what the anger part is. It has everything to do with the news. Or more accurately, my reaction to the news. The more I read what is going on in places around me, the angrier I get. Okay, I get it, cool it on the news!

The 9 coin divination technique looks to be an amazing stealth divination. I can see it being easily kept on me for on the run divination without being obtrusive about it. Most people would probably look at me funny if I pulled out a playing deck and started to spread out cards. Nine little coins in hand seem to tell a whole lot very quickly. I have yet to commit the whole thing to memory, but once I do, things will get even more fun with this technique. When choosing what kind of coin to use, there were a couple of rules: all coins the same size and each had to have a head and tail. I chose to use copper pennies, of course. Actually, they are copper leap year pennies.

The readings I have been practicing with have been clear sighted and grounded in good guidance. I don't know whether that is because I have finally found something that is close to the Finn people I come from or if by working with other systems my perception is growing. It could be both or neither I suppose. I realize that these divination practices are Mongolian, but I also realize that the Siberian, Mongolian and Finn Shamans were probably very similar in training. As I read this book, I recognized aspects of my own Feri training. They were called something else and the techniques a little bit different, but it was all recognizable to me.

In other news, my poor rue has decided that triple digit heat is not okay. I had to pull it up on solstice day in order to make the most of the gift that is rue. I hate losing plants. Until the heat spiked up into the 110's poor little rue did nothing but thrive and dig deep roots. I thought that she was going to make it. I am proven wrong. I really liked having rue in my garden, I think that if I try again, it will have to be in a pot. I have kept all parts of the rue: root stalks and leaves. I have started a couple of viridarium vessels and I don't know what my further plans are for these plant spirit parts, but I will not let this go to waste.

Summer vacation is in full swing  and it keeps getting hotter in the midnight shade. The kids are home and my house is in full volume riot, even when the chores are being done. I guess the kids figure they have to be louder so the neighbors can hear them. The cat and dog are picking on eachother and this mommy is struggling to find a peaceful moment when clear thought is actually doable. I guess it is as it usually is: wait until the kids go to bed. I may have to start writing when the kids go to bed. It literally took me all morning, afternoon and part of the evening to finish writing this. Good thing I keep a note pad around.

This whole week has been interesting in both detail and big picture. As I am reading and practicing more of my shamanic techniques, I get a person from NY who approaches clear out of the blue to tell my family that she has studied rituals of the Native Americans. As I am celebrating my 40th birthday with my family I end up giving directions on how to make your own vanilla extract in the baking section of the grocery store (more liquor was involved that day) And finally, the week hit fever pitch when I discovered my son was being bothered during his transition into sleep by a distressed spirit. That went well, so no worries. As you can see, being blocked by anger while I am working in this realm may become a bad thing. So for now, the news has to go bye bye and so do the politics. It's time to reclaim my time and refocus myself: the pillar of black smoke from the North East agrees with that. No need to invite unnecessary trouble.

Dear Anger, 
You are officially invited to leave. Please and Thank you!
Mrs. Oddly

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