Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dark Moon Blessings

When I say dark moon, I do not mean that part of the moon that is a sliver of a fingernail in the sky. That is New moon and distinctly different than the darkness of the moon hanging in the sky, the period of time when the sun reflects nothing onto the moon. The great void when things can be easily cut away from you for release.


in darkness:
" you who lifts the torch before the gates,
Shackle breaker, crowned with light, 
Let us, the tempest tos't, take refuge in your circle of stars."

*Light candle dedicated to Hecate
*draw circle
*draw down the moon
*call forth any guardians who maybe empathetic and helpful to your cause ( I like to call the ruling lunar element)
*call forth any personal guides who may wish to help you with your work

* reading regarding what must be let go of for you to move forward and upward

card 1: what worries you
card 2: what you should not forget

card 3: How to  bring best resolution to the situation

 *write down every detail you can pick out from the cards including color domination, symbols that repeat themselves as well as the meaning of the individual cards. Be as thorough and accurate as you know how to be.

* Take a moment to meditate upon the reading

"I stand upon the crossroads, root wise and stone sure.
Walker, above, below, and between the worlds,
Severer, I call to you, show me what I must cut away to move forward on the crooked path in a balanced manner."

* take a moment to observe with all of your senses. She may have something to 'say'. If you have invited any guardians or personal guides, be sure to listen for their voices as well.

*Visualize a cord drawn between yourself and the concept or object that you are to sever away from you.

*with your athame, sever that cord and see the concept or object float away to be sucked into the void of the dark moon and be transformed into energy for Her to use for Her own purposes. "By the power of my will, with the blade of Hecate, I sever you! Go now, Leave! So now unweave!"

* Thank Hecate for Her attention and help
* thank your personal guides
* Thank any guardians you may have called
*open circle
*extinguish Her candle

Dark Moon Blessings!

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