Wednesday, June 6, 2012


art by Yangtian Li
I just closed out my work with the Guardian of Water for this round. The altar clear and prepped for a new Guardian. I noticed that I required a whole bunch of body work this time around. Fortunately my friend has been willing and able to help me out with the knots and many injuries acquired over the years. As each of those issues were addressed, there were emotional tidal waves to ride. Some of them from childhood, others from baggage we all pick up along the way. I saw each issue rise and fall with a new perspective. I felt for most of this Element that I was having a conversation not with just the guardian, but with the injured parts of myself; I was listening and healing.

I guess it goes to show you that sometimes your expectations of something can really lead to surprises. I fully expected to work on my divination skills and possible do some dream walking, but instead there was a need to work on body issues that have unresolved emotions attached to them. SURPRISE!!! Well, I did practice my card reading skills and picked up a new one, but that seemed to be more of a secondary path that wove around the real one. ( Talk about twisted, crooked paths) There were very few dream encounters of the magic sort, but they were potent and all of them featured a specific God. I didn't really begin to understand why all of this was unfolding in the manner until I dug around the Venus transit and how it affects people.  Specifically, what I got out of all of this information dig was: in order to move forward any further you must let go and you are going to do that now. The biggest message that seem to come through was you need to stop and take care of you. The Lunar eclipse also reinforced that decree from Venus our Lady of the Morning Star. It seems very timely that in the process of all of these goings on, my gardenia oil was cold infusing, filtered and properly bottled. Thank you, gardenia hedge in my backyard, for all the beautiful blooms.

I would like to say that I planned the timing of all of these strange events, but nope, it's not something I thought about. It all seems to be lined up this way on purpose by a hand larger than mine. I think I am okay with that and will continue to trust the process. I may not be able to control how big the swells get on the ocean's surface, but I can decide how to ride the wave. It has been interesting to make note of how things line up and move about. I have also met with disappointment on this ride. I will not be able to get that tattoo I wanted to mark my 40th birthday with. It has been delayed. Earlier in the Year the Ice maiden and I spoke about the difference between wearing a tattoo and the tattoo wearing you. We discussed appropriate shifts in the tattoo, but what I didn't expect were full out trials. It seems to me that my work with the Guardians have become the trials she hinted at in my dreams in the beginning. Each time she showed up we discussed mirror work, but I could feel her third eye digging into me through the mirrors. I wonder what she saw. She is clearly younger that I in her chronological appearance, but she has an otherworldly gaze that at times is unsettling. It is steady and probing. She clearly much older than I ever was at her age. I sometimes think she and the Guardians are in cahoots. I definitely feel like I am being put through the paces and have yet to earn my tattoo. Apparently, I don't get to wear that tattoo on the merit of only living long enough to breathe for 40 years. What the Hexes was I thinking??? So the Tattoo waits. . . until the time is right.

I am looking forward to working with the Elemental Guardian of Earth. I have learned that I should go into this with no expectations as to what will happen there. The Altar is set and blessed, The Key turned to it's proper position, and evocations intoned. I am hoping that my feet find something firm to stand upon in the Earthy realms. Even as you hop off the the waves in the ocean, the sand greets your feet as you walk out of the water. I hope to do so with a bit of grace.


  1. I am so certain you will transition from the Water to the Earth with grace and strength - and the waves will take your footprints.

  2. I love all of your posts, Nalaya. You are AWESOME