Monday, July 2, 2012

The under tow of reality

Yes, Mrs. Oddly and family snuck out of the desert under the cover of darkness and made a bee line for the beach! Specifically, we went to Santa Monica beach. It was a trip loooooong over due. I started the whole process by announcing to my water friend and guide that we were coming to the ocean for a visit and asked that my family and I have safe passage through his realm and back. He told me that he would meet me at the gate. And he did. Not too far after we passed the weigh station that separates  CA and AZ, we were greeted by a truck bearing the image of one of Poseidon's own and one of my guides.

Yes, one of the beings I have befriended and work with is a hippocampus. Most mythology and fairy tales will tell you to steer clear of these beings or horrible things will happen to you. . . mostly drowning. My experience is simply any creature can be harmful. It's all in the relationship you build. If you approach any creature mundane or mythological with out understanding of its nature you can be sure to land your behind in a whole lot of trouble.

As we drove closer toward the coastline I watched the thermometer drop from 110 to 72 degrees. That, all by itself, was a treat! Later, as the night crept in, I realized that my AZ blood required something heavier than a sweater to stave off the cold, moist air; next time. . . I bring the peacoat!

We passed through LA on the PCH and drove through what I dub the magic tunnel. It has ivy clinging to its walls and it curves so the darkness looks like it could last for quite some time as you are approaching it. As you pass through it, there is this hum that resonates through everything and then you see a pillar of light that stretches around you. As you emerge from this tunnel, the beach is up front and center. The chaos that was LA disappears and a whole new place has emerged. If that's not a magic tunnel, I have no idea what is!

When we got to the ocean, we spilled out of the car and made a mad dash for the water with Little Man cheering the whole way! Literally he was jumping up and down for joy yelling: I LOVE THE OCEAN!!! That made my day! We passed the swings and the little park with the dragon head to stick our toes in the water, ate hot dogs on a stick and poked in the ocean soaked shoreline to watch the water lap away the evidence of our passing. We headed for the pier to see what wonders and magics lay there as Miss B and I played the Witch Penny game. We left copper pennies laden with blessings all over the pier and 4th St Promenade. I reserved one to toss off the pier to say thank you with.

Our whole trip to the ocean was filled with little moments of magic. One of those moments was truly amazing. My daughter came running out of the ocean and made a bee line to where I was sunning myself ( and guarding our beach gear) with  a gleam in her eyes. She stopped short of falling on me and presented a little stone black heart that she caught in the waves! However, the ocean did take it's due. I made matching anklets for us to wear at the beach to soak up the water and bring home with us. Miss B's was taken by the ocean. She told me it was okay because now a mermaid out there somewhere has a pretty piece to show off to her friends. I offered her mine, she declined. This trip was exactly what I needed. It reaffirmed for me the fact that the under tow of reality is beset with magic if you choose to see it.

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