Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh that rascal Sam Hain!

So, I am back and I am tired. Everything from trick or treating to ritual has passed. Had some sleepless nights, some interesting visions, some readings manifest and a whole slew of other things that kept cropping up.

I even managed to get a couple of the garden beds set in. They look like open graves right now, but I am pretty kosher with that. They look so much like open graves right now that I am compelled to go buy some dirt if you take my meaning. So soon I will be visiting Mike and Josh's graves, having a goodly chat and hoping for a nice pile of dirt to buy. I thought about putting the newly purchased dirt in a coffee can and carrying it home that way, but a rasping voice whom I can only put as She of the Forbidden Mysteries, cackled at me and said: no you put it in a pot! So I will be putting it in a pot and then spreading it in my very grave looking garden bed frames. I originally planned on using wood for the frames, but a friend came up to me and pointed out that there were some cinder block pavers in the alley a street or two over that looked like they were headed for the dump. Well at least a few less of them will be left to sit there and do nothing in the dump. now all I have to do is but some dirt and buy some other dirt and I am ready to get the beds going to grow stuff. I think they will be very appropriate witchy herb garden beds.

I am actually still running around tying loose ends up from the season. I am trying to make sense of something I should probably just let go of an accept as the new normal, but I am having a bit of a struggle with it. Last week I was in bed and I know my eyes were closed. I could still see. I could make out where the blanket had puffed up in a lump over my head I could see the pictures on the wall. I could even see the spinning fan overhead. I waved my hand over my face and could see that as well. A bit curious, I opened my eyes and noticed what I had been seeing was the same but in a different quality of vision. I have no other words to describe it. The vision was a different sort of vision. It had a more shadowy quality to it than light based. I could have gotten out of bed with my eyes closed and navigated through the house with no issue. This has been on going for the last week or so. I think it's starting to affect my sleep because I am pretty tired at this point. I'm not spooked or anything, just tired. I suppose I'll just have to see where all of this goes, maybe it's a season thing. hrm.

As appropriate to the season, we ripped the guts out of pumpkins, roasted their insides and stuck a burning flame in their husked out shells. It was messy and gooey and all sorts of Jack the Ripper fun. Afterward the kids got into their costumes and went Trick or Treating. I stayed at home to answer the door. I was surprised at how many trick or treaters their were. Had to send Mr. Oddly out for more candy asap.

As of right now I have a couple of powders that I am working on. One is dedicated to Hecate and the other is yet nameless, but it's basically for psychic crowd control. Mr. Oddly is going to insist upon having 50 million house guests at a time and I'm gonna have to learn how to deal with that. So I guess a bit of magic charm work will fit the bill. I found a beautiful charm vessel for the Hecate powder, now I am looking for the vessel for the nameless powder. No worries, I am sure I'll find something perfect. I discovered that I have a perfect plant growing rather wildly in the back yard that I am currently drying a bit of; alyssum! And so you will know it when you see it here's some info on alyssum:

Everyone seems to have a two or three word magic description of the charming little wild flower and yes while those three words maybe true, my experience with alyssum is what I am going to go with. Yes it, tames anger, it is indeed protective, but the experience I have had is that for those who are hypersensitive ( read as empathic) it serves as a buffer between your own emotions and those of everyone around you. It makes crowded parties easier to bear and I look forward to navigating the usually oh so scary shopping season with my new little magic charm cleverly disguised as a charming little jewelry trinket. ;) Of course, I plan on adding other ingredients to my sweet alyssum for this powder to make sure that it's a bunker buster of a charm for the crazy people season.

I hope that Sam Hain has been nice to you. I know he can be a bit of a rascal at times ;)