Monday, October 24, 2011

Kidnapping Mrs. Oddly. . . ( no fretting, it's a little nap)

As you can see, Mrs. Oddly is required to come stir my cauldron. You see there, yes there, that empty spot? Well that is where she will be for the next couple of weeks. Do not dismay, she will be back after she gets done with scrubbing out the cauldron as well. That's just the list I handed her. I am sure that the Sage has some work to be done as well.  From here on out, Mrs. Oddly is ours and no amount of ransom will return her until we are good and ready to let her get on with her own program. You may find her schleping on the Book of Face and the Deck of Tweets in between chores.

the Gods of Samhain


  1. Dearest Gods of Samhain,
    Please be sure to take good care of Mrs. Oddly. She is much-loved among her people and we will miss her terribly while you have her in your custody. Hug and kiss her for us, and tell her to hurry back soon!

    Much love to you as well!