Monday, November 14, 2011

The X

There are moments when you have to trust an event in a trance or meditation as true instruction from the Gods. I had been doing some heavy trance work with the Crone of my tradition in preparation for Samhain. Feri has its own rituals that require certain types of roles to be facilitated and they require a good deal of preparation.

During one of those trances, the Crone asked me several pointed questions as to why I was not taking on a specific role. She let out a gravely cackle and asked me if it was fear that stopped me. I told her in all honesty no, it was not fear. It was caution. She let out another cackle that raised the hairs on the back of my neck, but it was a sensation I had gotten used to with Her. Her long, boney finger with a pointed nail slowly came up slowly and shakily to my forehead and scratched an X over my third eye. As you wish, not host. I could feel that X for hours after the trance.

The last week before the ritual went by with one foot in the other world and the other here. It was like they both intersected and blended much like the center almond shape of the vesica pisces. I literally had a running commentary of my life from the both the fae and the sage and crone of our tradition. It was actually pretty fun and funny to hear what they thought about the world I live in. I received a perspective that I would have never thought about without their point of view.

Hours before the ritual I began to wonder and worry if I was ready for my role. I thought about what I was wearing and laid it out on the bed. After I was already dressed and thought I was ready to walk out the door, She had some critique . . . as in: WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE WEARING????? OH NO YOU DON'T. CHANGE INTO THIS! Well I did what any sane person would do, said yes ma'am and did as I was told! Including painting that X on my forehead where she had placed it earlier.

You would be happy to know that ritual went well. And yes, She did give me the once over to make sure I had done as I was told.


  1. Awesome post and pic! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Brilliant picture! (And the whole running commentary thing; definitely gives you a different perspective - useful, although sometimes not easy to take!)