Thursday, November 10, 2011

The week of the screaming woman!!!

So Holly dog bolted the gate this morning and then led us on a merry chase toward the main road. She tried to cross it and was lucky not to be hit by cars, seeing as how it was rush hour and all. Needless to say, I just about had a heart attack! For the now she is tied up in the back. I am not amused. It just seems to me that kids, cats, and dogs are on their worst behavior when I have tons of work to get done and time is running out!

I finally got the perfect vessels for the Serpent bone powder I wanted to make and wouldn't you know it I ran out of silver chain to finish the rest of them, but at least the powder got made and charmed for use. I filled the vessels I have and put the ones I couldn't make into jewelry away. They will be showing up in my store one at a time I suppose. I am still gathering ingredients for my psychic buffer powder, including finding proper vessels for them.

Oh speaking of my freshly made powder. . . they fae had a bit of fun with me. As soon as I had all the vessels filled, the bag with the remains of my precious powder disappeared for over an hour. I hunted high and low for the thing to no avail. Finally, I asked for a bit of help finding it because obviously there is something wrong with my vision and can't see it. I left some chocolate out for them and sure as Hades. . . there it was in a place I had only looked about 100 times! I'm sure they meant no harm and were curious as to what the heck I was up to, but I just about had a coronary!

I am learning that ebay is my friend. I found bottles for my incense and another vessel for a witching bottle I want to make. I decided that I need to shift the way I package my incense. I don't like the whole plastic bag thing. The incense always gets all caught up in the zipper part and is a pain in the behind to get to when you want it. A small vial just seems to be perfect. It will also preserve the shelf life of it longer, so bottles it is. I never knew that finding the right bottles could be so time consuming!

The last few weeks have been filled with various Samhain goings on including preparing for ritual, which has had to be postponed due to an illness ( not mine) but it's not like the gate slams shut so no worries. . . we will get this thing going I swear! Like I said earlier, The Gods of Samhain keep dumping work on my back. . . I hope they remember I am only mortal.

In all of this, I did actually remember to put on the brakes and take a break. I went out side the other night and looked up into the sky toward the moon. I was originally drawn outside because of the silver blue light that flooded my back yard. When I was living in an apartment, it was a rare treat to witness, because we always had these sidewalk lamps on as soon as dusk was setting in. I only saw a small patch of this light when the light bulbs burned out and only if it happened close to full moon. The other night I had an entire backyard full of silver blue moonlight and I was absolutely enchanted by it! I will get to have about another week of this light as the moon passes into waning, but I will be sure to enjoy it! I can't say I miss the apartments at all.

I also took time to watch some Netflix, in which I discovered the Vampire Diaries and watched both season one and two! Season three should be fun to watch unfold!

It's finally cold here. . . ok, Arizona cold. When you live in a place that heats up to 120 degrees and stays in triple figure heat for over six months of the year, anything below seventy degrees is cold. I know the snow birds get a good chuckle out of us as they are still wearing bermuda shorts and sandals, but we Arizonans, we break out with the parkas and scarves!

My basil is finally good and dry enough to pull off the drying rack and store, and I have a bunch of seed pods that need handling as well before the cat decides they taste good. Alot of my other work that I want to get done is all about the patience game. . . yup. . . here's me hopping up and down in my chair   waiting for the postal service to deliver my stuff. . . AAHHHKKK! Not my favorite game. I suppose it gives me more time to harvest and dry some more alyssum and look deeper into the recipe for the powder I want to make. I'm sure by now I am driving hubby crazy with the loose herbs in my pockets. . . hrm. . .  does this combo work better???? For the kids they think this is pretty normal. Yup there's Mom stuffing stuff into her pockets again. . .  Keep calm, carry on. At least she's not dashing into the street after fallen branches. . . right?


  1. It's always the way; the busier you are, the less co-operative the small members of the household are. I had to break off filling bottles of chilli & Paprika oil to make lego buildings with Witchlet One because he pressed the "You never play with me" button (In spite of playing a long game of hide and seek just an hour previously; apparently that "didn't count"!) Perhaps the Fae were helping out, and they took the powder away to add some Rae 'ooomph' to it? Glad you took some time out for some moonlight soaking; always a good thing! Big hugs xxx

  2. (I meant "Fae" oomph.... not quite awake yet!