Monday, November 21, 2011

A few thousand words!

Dear Pumpkin. . . look out for Peter!

A Samhain card from my sis!

Nike taking up residence on my craft desk

AHHHH! Curse you Peter!

Grim the Torch!

The Hanged Basil

Ancestor's Altar on the Spirit Rack

Self explanatory

Halloween Night's Moon out my front door

The After Party

Another Harvest from the world  of the Viridarium

Hekate's pomegranate wine for Her night

Yule incense ( private reserve) giveaway
a special blend of resins, evergreens,
and essential oils.

read this:

 Write a haiku about the Grinch to enter this give away.
Submit them to comments on this page.
Your name will then go into a hat.
I will pick a name from the hat on

Blessings and good luck!


  1. Snarky green grumpy elf man,
    spirit is not owned!
    You give the Fae a bad name.

  2. Big, nasty, green man
    For holiday of Christmas
    Finds in his heart love

  3. Ensnare my Yuletide?
    No quarter asked, none given!
    Kiss my striped socks, Grinchie!