Monday, September 26, 2011

It's my path and I hold all the swords. . . to sea with you!

What Makes Your State Great?

My friend Kallan makes a great statement about this group on her blog. It would be a great way of keeping the good juju going while we are being prayed against as a secular nation. However, I sort of have to go with my Grand Master's tack on this one. If you insist upon hurting me with your prayers, I will have to pray for you until you bloody well scream in agony and beg me to stop!

I also thought it would be more fun to take a look at what these fanatics have come up with for nick names of their Christianized states. They actually reveal quite a bit about who these people are. I find it interesting that a group of people who follow the "Prince of Peace" are violent minded ( See Oregon's nick name) toward those who differ from them. ( To be fair, most Christians are graceful and peaceful people) It's these one percent fanatics who know how to really make a lot of noise for insane reasons. I also find it interesting that they call this person the Prince of Peace in the first place. There has been absolutely NO peace established by him.

So here are the nick names:

Hawaii (50)The Pentecost Harvest State10-03-11 
Alaska (49)The Alpha and Omega State10-04-11 
Arizona (48)The Greenhouse State 10-05-11 
New Mexico (47)The Supernatural State10-06-11 
Oklahoma (46)The Open Heaven State10-07-11 
Utah (45)The Worship State10-08-11 
Wyoming (44)The Deliverance State10-09-11 
Idaho (43)The Treasure State (Isaiah 45)10-10-11 
Washington (42)The Whirlwind State10-11-11 
Montana (41)The Pure Atmosphere State10-12-11 
South Dakota (40)The Stronghold State10-13-11 
North Dakota (39)The Faith and New Wineskin State10-14-11 
Colorado (38)The State of Breaking the Drought10-15-11 
Nebraska (37)The Unique State10-16-11 
Nevada (36)The Transformation State10-17-11 
West Virginia (35)The Breakthrough State10-18-11 
Kansas (34)The Revival State10-19-11 
Oregon (33)The State to Throw Jezebel From the Wall10-20-11 
Minnesota (32)The Threshing Floor State10-21-11 
California (31)The Crossing Over State10-22-11 
Wisconsin (30)The River State10-23-11 
Iowa (29)The Corn State –Supply and Release10-24-11 
Texas (28)The Prophetic State10-25-11 
Florida (27)First for Revival; the Forerunner State10-26-11 
Michigan (26)A State With a Restored Voice10-27-11 
Arkansas (25)The State of Exposing & Dislodging the Serpent10-28-11 
Missouri (24)The “Show Me Your Glory” State10-29-11
 Maine (23)The East Gate for the King10-30-11
Alabama (22)The Reformer and Justice State10-31-11 
Illinois (21)The Apostolic State11-01-11
Mississippi (20)The State in the Valley of Decision11-02-11
Indiana (19)The First – Strike State11-03-11
Louisiana (18)The Governmental Mantle State11-04-11
Ohio (17)The State That Swings the Sword11-05-11
Tennessee (16)A State Receiving God’s Covenant Blessing11-06-11
Kentucky (15)The Trumpet Has Sounded –11-07-11
Vermont (14)The Passover State & The Sleeping Beauty State11-08-11
Rhode Island (13)The Miracle State11-09-11
North Carolina (12)Shifting Into a Release of Wealth11-10-11
District of Christ (DC) The Ruler or Seat of Authority11-11-11
New York (11)His Kingdom State11-12-11
Virginia (10)The Covenant Root State11-13-11
New Hampshire (9)The State of Freedom11-14-11
South Carolina (8)The State That Reversed the Curse11-15-11
Maryland (7)“I will awaken the seed”11-16-11
Massachusetts (6)The Mother of Our Nation11-17-11
Connecticut (5)The State of Favor11-18-11
Georgia (4)A Governmental Gate11-19-11
New Jersey (3)The Watchman State11-20-11
Pennsylvania (2)The First Shall Be Last -11-21-11
Delaware (1)Releasing the Firstfruit of a Nation11-22-11

 So take a look at what they are calling your state. Go look up the actual nick name of your state, compare the two and think about what these sort of actions mean to you. If you so feel compelled, join us on the facebook group and add to the energy there.

Seven Mountains people:
You people can take your blood covered light and choose a path far, far away from me. In fact that would be pretty wise of you. You can choose your path, but you have no right to choose anyone elses'. If you decide that you wish to cross my path in an attempt to make me bow. I'll be right here, holding all the swords!
Mrs. Oddly


  1. totally true. why must fanatical christians always feel they must force their religion down my throat. i did the christian thing all my life but then i saw behind the curtain and didn't like what i saw. If these people want to have all their blood covered whatevers that's great just don't force others to join you.

  2. Good points and they are true. I've been prayed upon personally by a neighbor a few years ago and it wasn't a good thing. lol Most christians are decent people but there are fantatics in every religion and unfortunately that overshadows the rest. I don't want to be prayed about, i don't want my state prayed about...infact i don't want anything in my space prayed about by them. I'm on my way to join the group...thanks for bringing it to light.