Monday, September 12, 2011

Chanting to the wind. . .

This weekend was my parent in laws' 50th wedding anniversary! It was going to rain and I remembered how my husband felt about it raining on our wedding. I actually had no problem with it raining on our wedding. I made my peace with it months before the event. At the wedding shower I told everyone to bring umbrellas. I don't think anyone believed me at the time, but oh well. Come the day, it dumped cats and dogs and I think I saw a couple of horses. I will never forget the look on my husband's face when he walked through the door.

With that look in mind, when the weather headed our way, I resolved to do something I had never done before. I had heard of it. I had seen it done with success, so I grabbed the pocket knife out of my purse, the very same one I received with pride while I was in Camp Fire at the age of ten, and headed out to the front of the house. My eldest decided to follow. I allowed it.

Pulling out the blade, I felt the doubt in the back of my mind begin its work. How dare you claim dominion over the sky?! I ignored it and thought about the lessons I had received from the Merrow on breaking holes in clouds. Focus on one spot; a weakness in the gathering. I thrust the knife out, imagining a puncture in the sky that revealed the color of the heaven above. Breathe. I felt the wind lift around me and began to chant the names of my gods into the sky. A thing to cut the gathering doubt in my logical mind. The chastising voice kept saying my name. You are not as powerful as they. You are not as talented as they. You are not worthy of the gift. How dare you. How dare you. How dare you??!

I felt my hair lift and my son's eyes upon me. I could hear my brother in law's boots tread toward me. I was determined. I didn't care. Nothing would stop me from giving my all in this moment. I must have been something to behold, a witch at work with hair flying straight up in the the up draft, chanting at the wind and circling a steely blade to redirect the rain from the celebration.

I focused on the rain not being had here, having the energy to drop down on the Texas fires. A place that needed water more at the moment. Which is saying something considering I live in the desert. Water here is not something I would generally uninvite. However, it was my parent in laws' 50th wedding anniversary and that is nothing to sneeze at. I hope that Texas reaps the benefits of the many of us praying for and sending rain.

There was no rain at the Oddly in law's wedding anniversary party. I hope that the other half of the working was just as successful. We had a lovely evening with food, treats and dancing. We stayed blissfully dry.