Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conform or what??!

I have been thinking about whether I really wanted to talk about this or not. It's a complicated and hot button issue; the last thing I want to do is point out a group of people and say "bad doobie!" That's not what this is about. It's not about good or bad. It's about being aware of the motivations and mechanisms of control. . . and control is definitely what these particular people are about. They wish to control you with their religion. Literally, they feel their religion should be in control of everything because if it is not of their religious philosophy it is ungodly and therefore evil. We saw a glimmering of this during the madness of what was supposed to be a fun little blogging contest. They called it spiritual warfare in fact.

Most spiritual people will tell you that control is an illusion, so will most religious people out the side of their mouths as they are yanking on the reigns of their own lives and sometimes the lives of the people around them. The difference is simply that between philosophy and dogma. Philosophy requires individual thought; dogma is repetition of someone else's thoughts.

I am speaking of this now because a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak to someone within this particular thought form of a religion one on one. It still haunts me.

He was a young man in his early 20's. He still had the haunted look of being a bit lost, yet he gushed over and over how he was now the co-pilot of his life and how Jesus saved him from himself. He rattled off the drugs he had been on and how poorly he had been living through his faithlessness in the Lord. I felt for him. He genuinely looked as though his life had been one road rash experience after another.

The thing that began to alarm me is that he started to speak about spiritual warfare and that it meant fighting the demons that were not part of Christ's realm. I probed further into this and asked what he meant by this and he couldn't elaborate any. He kept repeating the words fighting demons and couldn't define what a demon was; he kept repeating they were evil and to be vanquished. He repeated familiar dogma like: anyone could be saved and that all you had to do to be saved was pronounce that Jesus was your Lord and saviour. He then went on about how he's better than those who were not saved. I asked him what he meant by that and he said he was a better person than those who were not saved. I probed further by asking if he was better than a Jewish person because he was saved and he said, without skipping a beat: yes. I pointed out that he just dehumanized about 3/4 of the population. He fervently denied that so I quoted back to him his words and their dictionary definition. He fought the logic of what was just pointed out and fell back into repeating dogma. I dropped the subject as he was in serious denial of not understanding the words coming out of his mouth.

Our conversation lasted for about a half an hour before he left my porch in a daze as to why I wouldn't convert. I could see him stumble around in his own head wondering what went wrong. I watched him go as I began to have the frightening chill creep up my spine as it dawned on me that this young man was the product of some serious and complete brainwashing. All the hallmarks were there. Repetition of nonsensical dogma, peer pressure, finger pointing and the wielding of fear. These are the people who want to control our nation. Literally they believe they should have influence in every aspect of life. They call it the Seven Mountains of society: Arts and Entertainment, Religion, Education, Family, Government, Business and Media.

They also have a militia. You hear them occasionally talk about the Army Of God. Really??? God needs an army? What are you guys gonna do with this army? I thought God's first law was Thou shalt not kill. Maybe I am reading the wrong bible.

Here is where we get to the problem. These people have individuals in the gates to obtaining power. Palin, Bachman and Perry ( just off the top of my head) all have ties to these Seven Mountain dogmas. They all profess this repeatedly and Rick Perry even held and backed an event called The Response which espoused these religious beliefs. I have an issue with this. I do not want politicians in office that are going to use their power to force their religious beliefs upon our country. This country was founded upon the principles of freedom, religion especially so.

Beginning on October 3, they plan on wielding spiritual warfare on this country. They plan on praying for their God to restore the Kingdom of Christ to Washington DC. They have denounced Columbia as something evil. I'm sorry, how can the Spirit of Freedom be evil? It has become clear to me that these people do not understand what it is they are doing. It has become clear to me that they have gotten ahold of some new age terms and began Christianizing them for their own purposes and misusing them. It seems to me that what they are doing is akin to giving a toddler a box of matches, showing it how to strike them and letting it run amuck. The best we can hope for in this scenario is that only fingers will be burned.

I am all for letting people have their religious convictions, but it also seems that cramming their beliefs down everyone else's throat is part of the Seven Mountain belief system. I believe that to be wrong. They are out there screaming CONFORM!!!!

My question is: conform or what??? Die? Are you going to march through this country with your Army of God, line up your neighbors, friends and family and shoot them? Are you going to put them out of business because they won't conform? Are you going to drive them out of their homes because they are ungodly and unworthy of being your neighbor? Are you going to make laws enforcing your religious convictions upon people who aren't of the faith you observe? Are you going to only allow TV shows, news casts and movies that espouse your views to be produced? What do you plan on allowing children to be taught? What about the definition of family. Are you going to start dictating what is and is not a family?

They say they do not wish a theocracy, but the actions they are mounting in accordance to the Seven Mountains philosophy sure seems like a theocracy to me.


  1. Thank you for stepping forward with this post. I agree with all that you have written here and would add that any action the 'Pagan Community' could take to protect ourselves and the spirit of 'Freedom' would be decried by these people as evil and lead to more finger pointing and telling their followers "See! We are right!" It's left me wondering how best to protect my self and this country.

  2. Excellent post and extremely well written, hitting all the most important points! It frightens me that these people are getting so close... they may not necessarily be there yet... but its too close for comfort.


  3. Thank you for posting this. I have been feeling the same way, ever since Palin stepped into the spotlight during the last election.

    I have no problem with Christianity, if that is your faith. I have no problem with those that would be spiritual in their ways. It's the religious fanatics, of ANY faith, that truly scare me.

    What I also don't like is how the fanaticism has led to these leaders not listening to ANYONE, not compromising, not talking, just shouting at people. It's part of the reason why the debt ceiling crisis came down to the wire this year. It shouldn't have. Everyone is too busy posturing.

    I feel bad for these people. They truly feel they have a calling to convert everyone they see, and if people don't agree, well, force them. It's not a good attitude, no matter the faith involved.

  4. I only hope that those in our community who think that the DC40 people are "harmless" actually read this post. I am passing this one around because it is important we don't allow for spiritual warfare anymore.

  5. *applause*

    Well said. I can definitely see it coming to a violent confrontation, but I hope it doesn't. The next question that may have to be asked is what then?

  6. Brilliant post. I'm right there with you...just what ARE these folks planning to do with those who refuse to mindlessly follow them like puppets?

    Regarding brainwashing, I'd like to refer you to an excellent (lengthy) article called "The Battle for Your Mind" written some years back by Dick Sutphen (renowned hypnotist). Pay special attention to the areas which talk about how Politicians and Evangelists (or other Church-style Preachers) MAKE their audiences do their bidding subliminally. I believe at one point he said a large number (perhaps it was 80%) of the population is "highly suggestible" meaning they tend to follow like a flock of sheep when correctly "prompted". Here is a (rough-looking) link to it:

  7. Excellent post. I really think one day America will need to have another revolution. It may not happen in my lifetime or even my children s lifetime. But if the brainwashed keep pushing to make American Government ruled by religion, then thats what its going to have to come down too.

  8. Thank you for writing this. I mean that, thank you so much.

    When I found out about DC40, I actually got a little scared thinking about where this could lead, and where the Christian Extremists want things to go. It makes me very uneasy.

    I hope and pray that this country will not be governed by one religion and one religion alone because I can't see that ending well at all.

  9. I just keep thinking about how upset they will be when their black magic doesn't work and they don't get the change that they're looking for.

  10. Great post. Thanks for sharing this. I'm very worried about what the future is going to be like.

  11. Fantastic posting! i've shared this around! I'm very concerned about this group. I've been stepping up as much as i know how to inform against their fanatical views.