Monday, July 23, 2012

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party has been interrupted by enclosure. . . again

I have been intentionally silent.

I have been patiently waiting out Mercury's wild backward dance with other hand and mind occupying projects and pre-school starting activities. Some of which were struck with Mercury backwardness that I had to mop up.

With recent events, I feel like I am being pushed to surface and speak.

But what do you say? What do I say? There are no words that I can imagine that would begin to begin the healing that is so necessary right now. There are no words that can restore to us the innocence and comfort felt in the house of movies and story tellers. Yes the floor is sticky and the chairs smell like stale popcorn and feet, but the enchantment of light dancing through a darkened room and reflecting on a silver screen has always been a place of solace and re-evaluation for me. The looks on the faces of my family had to reflect the same horror on mine when the news broke. We are a movie family. We love them, we love the whole process of the making of movies ( I like watching them best though). We love the people involved in front of and behind the camera. ( we also love craft services) This event shook us where we live. Will it stop us from going to a theater? Hexes NO! However, there will be a new tone of vigilance for me while we are there.

I wish I could say that these type of events surprise me, but those of you who know me are waiting for me to just say it already. These are just symptoms of a much larger problem; enclosure  I will spare the gory details here because I know you cannot force an unwilling mind to open and see, so click on the link if you want, but know it's not a happy discussion. It's one of those necessary unhappy conversations about what happens when a space becomes overburdened and its effects on the landscape and inhabitants.

There is, however, light at the end of the tunnel that has nothing to do with on coming trains, traffic, or near death experiences. We are a co operative society. We help each other. This alone is one of the most important tools we have and through it, doing all the right things can not only make this place better, but expand our reaches into the known Universe to discover new things and bring forth new understandings.

As long as we continue to be the co operative society ( yes, even me, the one who runs on the fringes of society, has a productive use in society) there is hope. We can't predict the who's, when's, and where's of the next prober rat attack, but we can buy time for our children and throw out a life line to those in need and willing to grab the rope.

You should know that you are loved.

Every time something like this happens, there is the question: what the Hell Is going on????

What's going on is complicated and does not have a single silver bullet solution. There are probably many very good solutions that work well together, but I have found that having a basic understanding of what the real problem is, gives me new perspective for personal solutions.  I have also found that understanding the base cause of the craziness help me keep my sanity in one piece.

I hope I am preaching to the choir right about now, but if I am not, feel free to respectfully express that.

It is to my deepest disappointment and personal horror that the Aurora community has been violated as they were. The effects of this event ripple deep and reach far. As of right now, I have no idea how I would handle a situation as Aurora has had to endure. I suppose it would be wise to ask for guidance.

My eloquence seems to have abandoned me.

Aurora, I hope that you heal and find comfort as you find a new balance to move forward from this.

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