Monday, February 6, 2012

The enclosure lecture. . . not for the feint of heart, but read it anyway.

So here is the enclosure talk as derived from my Dad. I am sure that he would tell me I mangled it and left out some of the scarier points as necessary to the discussion. I am sure that I have not done the discussion justice. I hope that he forgives this savage daughter.

but first the dictionary definition:

enclosure |enˈklō zh ər| (also dated inclosure)nounan area that is sealed off with an artificial or natural barrier.• an artificial or natural barrier that seals off an area.the state of being enclosed, esp. in a religious community the nuns kept strict enclosure.• historical the process or policy of fencing in waste or common land so as to make it private property, as pursued in much of Britain in the 18th and early 19th centuries one of the chief effects of enclosure was to increase the number of landless workers.a document or object placed in an envelope together with a letter.ORIGIN late Middle English : from legal Anglo-Norman French and Old French, from enclos ‘closed in’ (see enclose ).

one of the chief effects of enclosure was to increase the number of landless workers.

I don't think that this was  an unplanned effect. It has been repeated throughout history as we know it since the written times of Moses. It probably goes back as far as there have been humans and clans. It's all about the acquiring and retention of power. Makes you angry, no?

And that's just the dictionary definition. 

Our Constitution lays out for all of us to understand and uphold basic divinely given human rights. No man has the right to take these things away without severe repercussions whether they be by the hands of nature/divinity or the uprising of a people. . . perhaps even all. The one right they overlooked, perhaps because it was one of those too obvious things, was the right to leave. Yes that's right. The right to leave, pick up your sticks and leave the area because you are fed up with the local rules and can not make a living, or you can not abide by them because you feel they are wrong, or because of oppression. What ever it is. . . you HAVE THE RIGHT TO LEAVE. Throughout history governments of all sorts have tried to quell this right. . . to this day there are still parts of the world where governments deny this right upon the threat of death. Literally. During the cold war ( or any other time in it's existence) in the Soviet Union, should you try to "jump the wall" you would be shot and killed. If you succeeded, they would hunt you down after killing your family and friends. If you left the country, the government made sure they had a hold on you via your family to prevent any defection or *misbehavior*. All of this in the name of retaining power. You can't have people escaping your perfect society now can you?

There are more sinister effects of enclosure due to the simple fact that there are only so many resources in this enclosure and there are more and more people competing for them. Food, water, shelter, space to exist in. . . all of these things are finite and when you are not permitted to leave the competition becomes furious, vicious even. Life becomes cheapened. Conformity and submission required. Those who will not submit and conform are either eliminated ( after a proper attempt to rehabilitate them) or they become rebels or criminals and depending on whether you are in power or not will define how these individuals are looked upon and branded.

And darkly we move forward: real criminal behavior born out of darkest nature of animal existence. Things are brought forward in a specific group of the species. They are dark shadows that hate all life and will do everything in their power to swallow it. They feed on desperation and fear and thrive just long enough to kill everything in their wake. . . even and especially if it takes them with it to end the suffering that life has brought them. There are no gifts to life with these creatures. . . only curses and misery. Why would they value it? The young destroy themselves because they see no hope, mothers turn on their children ( even destroy them), men declare themselves to be masters over other men, violence that makes no sense becomes a regular diet, apathy the new norm. The most frightening aspect of this cycle is reproductive failure. I am not just talking about the idea that infertility is happening. I am speaking about the flat out refusal to sire and raise offspring. The whole species collapses at this point. These things mark the dark last days of enclosure. The only solution to this is to act upon you divinely given right to LEAVE. Those in power will balk and do everything in their power to stop this. They are SO terribly afraid of this, that they will hunt you down, bring you back and set you up as an example. . . a terrifyingly horrific cautionary tale will be made of you. . . if they catch you. They will stop at nothing to accomplish this. Yet the truth still stands, the only solution to enclosure is escape. This escape brings positive results for both parties.

So as it stands, where in this day do we go??? The WHOLE planet is enclosed! We have the means to open a new frontier. We are a desperate species here in the now suffering from the evils of enclosure. We must leave. We are meant to leave. We are the seeds of Gaia. We are the ONLY species with the means, technology and understanding who can do this. In doing this, we will be preserving the planet and ALL her species. As, good stewards, we are obligated to save ourselves so we can save everything else that is here and now or doom it to extinction. In the long term, the planet will remain should we decide to continue on our enclosure situation. New things will give rise to dominance. A new experiment will begin. . . eventually. You may hear the argument that we are better than animals because of  X, Y, and Z reasons. I argue nay, we are only better at making excuses.

As pagans we tend to say: from Her we emerge, and unto Her we shall return. What if She is from the stars? That would put a whole new spin on that adage. They ( scientists) say that everything here on this planet contains stardust. So, indeed, we could reasonably say we are from the stars. 

For those of you who are shuddering with the reasonable fear that this subject invokes ( and most rightly so), there is this post from the Root and Rock that I absolutely adore and will remind you that you are indeed made of iron. 

Do not lose hope. Do not lose your spit. Do not be deterred from the truth. Do not stop trying to buy time for our young ones and ones who will come after them.

Be water and iron, my friends. May the wisdom and strength of the Gods guide us and empower us to do the things that must be done. May we remember the value of life and love it! 



  1. Not an easy read, Mrs O, but an important one. Thank you for writing this. As someone who is nowhere near as articulate as you I shall just post links to this and say "What she said".

  2. Wow, Nalaya - please pass my respect/regards to your father. "Enclosure" now occupies a permanent place in my consciousness.

  3. Wow guys, thank you for reading this. I know it was probably hard to get through.

  4. You know I never thought of things this way, until reading this. While I love that you made me realize the truth in front of me, part of me almost wishes I had not read this. I will not be listening to that part. Thank you for this.

  5. That was an amazing post lady! It is something I will definitely hold on to! Good job :)

  6. A great read. it really makes you think. I'd never thought to look at it this way until you've put it into words so elloquently. Very amazing, i agree!

  7. Nalaya, were you aware that in North American Indigenous beliefs, it is said that we came from the stars and to the stars we shall return?

    Even the Dogan tribe of Africa (one of the oldest still in existence) not only credits our origins to Sirius (the Dog star) but they were able to pin point and record it's exact location before it was discovered by scientists.

    Interesting facts to support a wonderful blog post. Thank you!

  8. Not bad, kid. Clearly, I was not wasting my time. I'll show you The Valley of the Moon this weekend and explain how I think it helps. Then, I will ask for your thoughts.