Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Being MIA and learning to be bright

I know that I have MIA here for a while. I find that when I am compelled to silence, it is better not not write other wise I just sit infront of the computer with a long standing indent on my forehead from the whole head desk thing. I found that during these times, tweets and tumblr pics are more my cup o' madness tea. Thank you for taking the time to come back and read my pages. It surprised me how many of you kept coming back even though I was MIA. Thank you for that, you make me smile inside.

I have taken off my sandals and pressed my feet onto the cool tile. It makes me hot just looking outside. You can tell that the sun is blazing away out the window and the cool of the tile immediately pulls me back indoors. As of right now, there have been no further viridarium emergencies. I have figured out the pattern of heat exhaustion with the plants. Although the Melissa is doing a fair share of complaining, not that I blame her. Mr. Patchouli has setled nicely into his pot and is starting to do more than just cling to life. I actually felt comfortable enough to pinch off a few leaves! Who knows. Maybe by this time next year, I will have an over abundance and will be packaging up some of those viridarium treasures! I may have even successfully rooted a branch from my little rue plant that decided outside was definitely not her cup of tea. *fingers remaining crossed on that one* I have packaged up a few of my viridarium treasures to make sure what I have does not waste.

All of my witchlings have gone to school now and will return my now quiet home to it's loud racaus state in a few short hours. There may be tears involved if the behavior chart doesn't say green ( no TV.) I have found a strange thing has developed over the years. I may seek peace and quiet while everyone is hustling through the hearth, but when I get it, I am fidgety and constantly distracted. I am not talking about the ooooooo shiny distracted, I am talking about the I suddenly drop everything and listen really hard to the silence distracted. I think I need more practice with silence. Silent meditation time only comes at specific times here usually and now that I have more silence, I find it a little overwhelming. 

I have been keeping busy while I am on News Diet and while Mercury Rx does all the normal trickster things that get me in a huff on occasion. I have crafted a few new pieces of magic based up on things I have been working on and experienced with my guardian work so far this year. I am still not done with guardian work as there is another guardian left to go. I have to say that it has been a little turbulent over here, but it is the hot cooking turbulence that creates a perfect meal. The dish is not done yet, but there is an enticing aroma about the hearth now. I suppose you could say that I am experiencing the initial bubbling of the pot as you put in the pasta.

 I canceled my paper. I just can't hack the persistent uninvited clutter of anger and despair sitting on my doorstep, even if the circulars are in it. You know what happens: I open the paper and the latest, hottest buzz word catches my attention and then before you know I have read half of the article that leads to the rest of the article and I am now turning pages with zero resistance until I get to the why oh why did I read that??? mode. I may be a news addict. I'll just add that to meetings I should go to alongside the plantoholic hot line.

I have chosen several projects to immerse myself in while all of these shifting pieces of earth beneath me rearrange how I navigate, including few contributions to Samhain's Sirens a Halloween Blog with related postings and giveaways. I also have pet Yule project lined up as well. I will keep you posted as the projects develop. There looks to be quite a nice line up of bloggers involved so it is looking to be a great deal of fun! There are some Oddlings I would like to put together and other seasonal things I would like to get a hop on including getting my Blood Rose Shaman oil and incense put together. I have finally finished tweeking it. It's satisfying to put a recipe in my book with purple ink.

I feel rather aimless right now with the quiet house and I realize this piece probably reflects that fact. As I become more accustomed to the silence enveloping me, I hope to find myself back in the mode of being more focused and goal oriented. It's a transition, I know. The guardian work I have been doing has offered not just turbulence *as turbulence is often required to shift things* but hopeful solutions, unexpected surprises and gifts, and new avenues to places I thought I already knew.

It may be bright outside, but it's starting to feel like bright will happen inside as well.


  1. YAY! Welcome back! You were missed!! <3

    1. Thank you sweets. Just adjusting my sails over here I guess. Love ya muchly!

  2. Woohoo looks like you have a lot lined up. can't wait to see it all.