Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Key of the Element of Air and internal affairs

I realize that I have been rather silent this last week. Mercury seems to have been doing his thing with the backward dance and I have turned inward instead of allowing my communications to become muddled and unclear. Probably a good response.

My puter is still not right and I suspect that for the next year I will be limping around on what ever other options I have at my disposal. What ever it is that happened to my puter will not stop me form blogging and so forth, however I may be pictureless on this blog for a while seeing as how that putting a picture here with the iPad seems to not be an option.

This last week has been rather interesting craftwise. I have been working with  the Elemental Guardian of Air and I will be working more closely with all of them seeing as how I will be introducing a student to them. I am creating elemental viridarium vessels from things that come out of my own plot. I don't know where this road will lead me, but I do know that it has created a stronger bond between myself and my garden and land ( as small a plot it is it's still my plot.)

I still feel the strong pull of Mercury toward silence. I know he's not done with his backward dance but I just can't do the whole not blog about something right now. Everytime I think I know what I want to say I get shut down, so here I am talking about being repeatedly shut down.  I don't even really have any "curse you Mercury Retrograde" feelings about that I just feel compelled to turn inward and sort out internal issues. I am hoping that when things finally go back to it's normal motions, that the internal motion allows itself to be expressed in a manner that doesn't sound like pent up spew.

I have been quietly going through my notes and writing about my experiences with "key talking" and since Mercury has gone off and danced wildly backward I decided now would be a good time to work with that and when things go the other direction I will still have time to work the outer affairs position as well. Yes, I have pulled out the old school pen and notebook for this since my puter has revolted against me. I forgive it, it is old and cranky and for, almost 10 years, served me well.

I hope than when I put all my notes and experience into one place I can edit it, I can do as I was asked: share.

While working with the Key postion of the Internal sort in the Air section of the compass rose, I notice that I have been sorting through my thoughts as things come up around me. I am noticing things like dichotomies and paradoxes and even a bit of that old time favorite: hypocrisies. I think we all have a bit of that going on within ourselves, but I think we feel more comfortable ignoring that fact and march on with our silly selves. I can tell you that they are uncomfortable once found, but work of this sort is not supposed to be comfortable. It's about stretching and challenging yourself to be stronger and honest with yourself about who you are. How I will address these things that have been highlighted is still in question, but at least I am clear on what I think about these things and how I feel about them. Maybe some of those things that were brought up will never be expressed and I am okay with that, but I guarantee it will affect how I handle things in the world of outer affairs. Hopefully, in a positive manner.

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