Monday, April 16, 2012

The stress monster and Mrs.O

The busy season is on top of me and to boot we are all in the grips of silly season. I have numerous birthdays in the family and friend circles that are all heaped into a couple of months, school meetings for things like IEP's,Mr. O is getting the final details of Comicon firmed up and things will only get busier from there for him, all the kids seem to have spring fever, and I am not a super hero. Nor will I pretend to be so I have taken a much needed break and spent a bit of time on me.( I know gasp!) Trust me it was very much needed. Needless to say, with all this activity swirling around me and my hearth, the stress monster decided to come out and play. Since I have a horrible penchant of not playing well with others, I decided that last week would be a good one to beat the stress monster to a bloody pulp and send it home weeping pathetically for mommy. I used my good ol reliable stick: meditation. When good ol reliable didn't do the trick, I called upon the services of a friend for some massage. We had to go for three's a charm type of technique because wow, Mrs. O was a train wreck! My back and tailbone are now in the right position and I have made the full realization of just how much of an energy sucker being in constant pain is. Granted I feel like I am much better now, but I know that I should probably not sign up for a marathon. So one step at a time and hopefully larger than baby steps. . . Yes I am ambitious. As it stands right now I think the score looks something like this: Stress monster:2 Mrs. O:1 I think that as improve my stress monster catch and release program the Odds will be more in my favor, but only time will tell. I also think the more work I do on my story and other writings the stress monster will get bored and have less fun with me ( funny side note: my auto correct thinks that FU should be a word that replaces fun o_O)

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  1. I can relate. I was in a bit of a tiff as well the past few weeks. I've done nothing in my blog since the 2nd. Time to tell the SM to FO so I can relax and enjoy doing what I do best, nothing. I hope you fair will Mrs O!