Monday, April 23, 2012

Rise a fiery bird.

Spring here in the Valley of the Sun is officially over. We had two weeks of it as usual and then the heat came on. How appropriate it is that I am still working with fire and looking forward to the Guardian of Water. The truth about the Summers here is that once it hits 100 degrees, it doesn't matter what the and something is (unless you are vying for bragging rights). We all groan, head indoors for most of the day with our frozen delectables and become the mole people. Not even the shade and darkness of the night brings respite from the brutality known as Az

Once you get over the heat and burning, you begin to notice the succulence of life out here. Water becomes a central occupying thought. The smartly designed landscape is revolves around water conservation and maximum retention. People carry water with them in abundance and wear hats to shield their heads and eyes from the blazing sun. However, at night, you find yourself venturing out to look into the dark sky with a cool drink. You sort of feel like the Phoenix after the burning has died and rise from the ashes the day has made of you.

Fire, I have been discovering in full context, is more than heat and burning. It is also about the central nervous system and its electrical impulse. The energy of life. The Guardian of Fire for the last two weeks has been guiding me through what He calls a tune up. There were some rough spots during this period where everything acted up and without a certain friend to readjust the hard structure in my body, I think I may have been oarless in a creek call Shite.

After one of these readjustments, I came home to meditate so I could get the rest of my day in gear. I began with the regular grounding regiment and had a very amazing moment. The floor seemed to disappear beneath me as my cord dropped further into the earth and I could see everything beneath me. It was as if the spot I was sitting on suddenly became transparent clear down to the core of Gaia's beating heart. I saw my cord connect and felt my third eye shift upward toward the sky. Above me was also the same type of vision. I could see the layers of the atmosphere separate into the darkness of space as the crown chakra opened and accepted the energy of the universe. I felt like I was floating in the center betwixt heaven and earth. I felt like the only things keeping me in place were my cord and the energy from above flowing into me. This was not just grounding, this was center.

I suppose this experience was a long time coming. I did ask for help finding a new balance since I moved from apartment to house. As it turns out this process has been a long and slow one because, if I recall right, I began it shortly after Yule and here we are now in April and it's still happening. Turns out this process is a deep and lengthy working that has kept me and will continue to keep me busy. I suppose that the timing of this is important. I know that if you try to rush through these things and make it move faster you could not only miss things but you could intensify the energy intake to a dangerous point. I am glad that this is moving at a slow rate: one Guardian a month seems to be just the right speed for me right now, at least until I clear out the ook and gook.

With Water on the horizon, I find myself looking ahead on occasion. The summer heat is on, but I know that I need to focus on the burning and heat right now and wrap it up properly so that when water does move in I am ready to ride that wave. There is a phrase from one of the Dune books that very smartly describes the art of balance: " Balance is feeling the wave beneath you."

Before I get on my Big Feri Surf Board, I had better have all my senses clearly about me. So patiently I will endure the burning plasma whirlpool that is Fire, gather my ashes and rise a fiery bird in the desert sun.


  1. This is very interesting. I'd like to do more elemental work and really get in touch with them and what they really mean.

  2. Great read. I hope you find that balance soon, but if not, you're more than welcome to visit Oregon whereas we've plenty of precipitation to go around! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday and thanks for sharing.

  3. No stranger to fire here... I seem to wade in an abundance of it more often than not. Water is where I need to find myself. I look forward to seeing what you have to say on that subject when it comes around :)