Monday, January 30, 2012

Pointy boots and cords

I had a short but effective meditation this afternoon. I am working with Brigit closely as I will be hosting her in a about a weeks time and want to be as ready for that experience as possible including making sure that I have severed any unwanted and unnecessary cords. Clearing up my aura I noticed that there were loads of cords attached at my back, a bad thing, and wondered where they came from as I gently pulled them out. Familiar faces came to mind as each one was removed and the funny thing was I hadn't thought or spoken to these individuals in quite some time.

That's when I heard Brigit speak: just because you have not thought or interacted with them, does not mean that they are not thinking of you. 

I can feel the places where I patched my aura back up. They are still sort of glowing. I hope what ever it is that has caused these individuals to attach cords to me resolves well and that they discover that they hold their own light. I do however find it interesting that I would feel pulled to perform this sort of working shortly on the heels of picking up a black tourmaline stone and starting to work with it. I haven't felt pulled to do that as strongly as I did this afternoon in quite some time. The last time I performed this ritual, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself pretty clear and free of unnecessary cords so imagine my surprise this afternoon. I suppose these things happen for a reason, or so I am constantly reminded. I will have to count this as a reminder that as I walk through this place my actions and words affect people around me in a manner that stays with them for quite some time. I hope that it has been a positive impact. ( or at the very least, a much needed swift kick in the arse with my pointy boot!)

My Brigid ritual will be later than most this year because I will be taking the kids to Tuscon so my husband can film at the house with out us in the way. I will be visiting the gem show stuff that is in town and definitely staying out of enclosed places with huge geodes. Last year I got this killer migraine from that. I hope to catch Inner Traditions at their stall and possibly pick up some new material to read. I hope that there is stuff left because apparently everything will be on sale!!! ( please leave something cool for me . . . please ;) My little one will be thrilled because he will get to ride the bus, my eldest will be displeased because he will be doing as many chores for Oma and Opa as possible seeing as how he is in some VERY deep crap with his Mom right about now. Miss B will be probably trying to bargain down prices with shop owners ( she is a very shrewd shopper.) and I will be baking up my famous lemon lasagna at my Mom's ( seeing as how I have lemons pouring into my back yard still. Yea!)

I may not get a whole lot of meditation time while I am at my parent's house, but it will be good to see them and catch up. I will be asking my Dad to give me the Enclosure lecture one more time so that I have it fresh in my mind when I relate it to you and how it affects the witching community at large. My Mom will probably roll her eyes and fall asleep, she's heard it sooooo many times!


  1. Just made a Bride doll from fresh rosemary and pine cuttings to connect with Bride as well - reading this about cords has made me realise I need to do this myself. It's easy to forget that we may be able to "let go", but others can still be attaching to us. Thanks for the reminder Mrs O! What would I do without you? Enjoy your trip away xx

  2. A very timely reminder to check for *hangers on* It certainly explains a lot. There always seems to be a few cords when I least expect it. Have fun with your folks x